Monday, July 4, 2016

Vapium Summit+: The vaporizer made to withstand the elements

We have another Vaporizer review at MashButtons and this comes to us courtesy of Vapium, with the Summit+. The  Summit+ is targeted to the smoker on the go, designed to withstand the elements with rugged build quality and the inclusion of technology seen in much pricier vaporizers on the market. Such tech includes multi colored LED, 8 temperature setting with range from 320F to 450F, auto shut off, time and temp memory, and smart phone integration via Bluetooth. I did mention this was a rugged portable vaporizer, built to withstand extreme temperatures and elements. In Arizona, we do not have extreme cold or much in the way of rain, so taking on the go and using in the pool will have to be harshest conditions to drag the Summit+ through. 
Functionally, the Summit+ is great, having the ability to set the amount of time before automatically cutting the heat, along with pinpointing the my desired temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The design is also spot on when it comes to functionality because the chamber is on the opposite end of the mouthpiece, making draws less harsh than other vaporizers whose chambers are adjacent to the mouthpiece. Two other design features include a stir stick that pulls out from the unit along with a rubberized grip that prevents clumsy drops. The chamber has a magnetic lid, which does not feel as tight as connection used in Dr, Dabber’s Aurora, has a wide rubber band donning the Vapium mountain logo to keep the lid tightly in place. One thing I almost forgot to mention is that you don’t have to keep an eye on it it waiting for the blue mountain to turn green as the Summit+ vibrates to alert you when at the set temperature.
Vapium’s Summit+ has functionally been my favorite portable dry herb vaporizers reviewed to date as do more than most vaporizers that I have used while also being extremely portable. The only thing I did not particularly love about this pocket vaporizer was the design, in comparison to other sleek devices out there; this is a bit of a brick. The battery uses a 3300 mAh battery that provided quite a bit of use between charges, in which Vapium claims roughly two hours of continuous use. The Vaporizer isn’t the only thing you get in this small package; Vapium has everything handled by including a dry bag, cleaning kit, replacement screens and extra mouthpiece guard. The Vapium Summit+ is available now for $149.99.

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