Monday, November 27, 2017

Vie is set out to revolutionize the Vaporizer

Last week I was provided with a new vaporizer from Vie, a new company with a unique product that is loaded with features for whatever you may to throw at it…or in it.  For starters, the Vie uses a pod system, for both flower and concentrates, which makes for simple refill on the go. Should you not want to use the capsules; there is an adapter and screens in the box to load as little as you want. In regards to what all is included in the box, my Vie contained a cleaning kit, 4 capsules (3 flower and 1 Wax), tube for the capsules, and cleaning cloth. Now that my Vie has gotten some use, it is time to see how it holds up.
There is a lot to be said about this little powerhouse, for starters, it travels well in a pocket or purse without feeling bulky and the extra capsules with carrying tube makes it easy to reload quickly without a mess. On any of the four heat settings, the Vie provides a thick smoky puff that I don’t typically see in hand held vaporizers, and there are 4 temperature options for each of the three heat settings, which are capsule, chamber, or concentrate. The Vie heats up quickly and while it does get warm, it manages to stay cooler to the touch than the other vaporizers I have reviewed and the battery lasted about a week before needing to be recharged.
During my experience, there were a couple things in which I wanted to point out, the first is the lack of instructions for some of the features of the vaporizer such as how to remove the top for cleaning and how to load the concentrate pod. Like most other portable vaporizers I have come across, this one is no stranger to the burnt popcorn flavor when reheating a pod, which makes me happy that there is also an optional part so that a pod does not need to be used for single use sessions. Lastly, although it is compact, I would suggest using a carrying case or order the optional silicone odor control cap, as people nearby can smell it when stowed away.

All in all, the Vie provides a lot from such a small package and almost equally small price tag. This vaporizer provides all of the features that are found in other vaporizers that are priced at double the Vie’s $99.00 price tag and comes in black, red, or silver. Vie includes and extensive cleaning kit which is also rarely included with other vaporizers in the same price point, and it is very much appreciated as this vaporizer needs to be cleaned more often than others I have reviewed. The Vie is available now from

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