Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jabra's new Sport Coach: Made with the Cross Trainer in mind

Jabra has done it again and released a new wireless headset for the active minded, with the Sport Coach. The new earbuds are similar to the Sport Pulse, released last year, but with another trick up it’s sleeve as these headphones become your workout coach for a variety of different workouts. This is made possible through the Jabra Sport app and the TrackFit motion sensor housed within these compact buds to monitor distance, steps, calories burned, and more. As someone that still suggests the Jabra Sport Pulse as my favorite wireless buds, I am excited to see if these will take the throne. 
Out of the box, the Sport Coach looks strikingly similar to the Pulse as the color was the difference in which stands out. What’s inside on the other hand is significantly different as the TrackFit communicates well with the Jabra Sport app in tracking my activity, but the Coach function of the headphones were great. It is easy to customize or start your workout and select your music source so that you just put down your phone and get moving. The variety of included workouts is nice as well and the ease of use made me want to use the app more for tracking and goal setting, which I anticipated getting forgotten after just a few uses…I was wrong. 

The battery life is a bit short running five and a half to six hours between charges, but luckily they charge quickly. I do see that the silicon ear form that covers the charger port getting stretched out and needing replacement quickly depending on how often you go between charges. In terms of the sound quality, my biggest deciding factor in choosing headphones, these earbuds are bass heavy and perform clearly at high volumes with little sound bleeding, I would have just liked a longer battery life to use on the plane while traveling. This workout coach is available now in a variety of three colors for the price $149.99.