Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yoostar 2 is here and yes, it is your chance to experience what it would be like to play a part in some of your favorite movies. But before you start to write your Oscar winning speech, let Yoostar 2 put you through the paces, literally. This review covers the Xbox 360 Kinect version and I am pleased to report that Yoostar 2 is a compelling title that just might help justify that expensive Kinect investment. Yoostar 2 “In the Movies” takes famous scenes from many of your favorite motion pictures and allows you to play the part of the actor in that scene and you can play it real or ad-lib and create a hilarious new approach to your choice of Cinema vignettes.

Once the initial room set up has been done, it’s going to have you set up room for a play area with proper Kinect placement and lighting, and the lighting is a bit tough to get right. Once this is done you can spin the wheel of movie clips from movies such as “Superman Returns”, heck anything you do here will make that clip better…er um sorry, but from dozens of others as well as “Star Trek”, “Tropic Thunder”, and “Forest Gump”. I particularly loved my new take on it, with,”Life is like a box of fish, you never know when it’s going to stink up the place. “The Godfather” was a lot fun, but I make a for a terrible Brando, “King Kong” killed me and let’s just say that nothing was funnier than playing out a flamboyant Arnold in “Terminator “, “Ill be back and I will look FAB-U-Lous!! (If only I had a Feather BOA). There are so many movies that you will certainly find something to express your inner celebrity on and there are a few more available for download on Xbox Live.

Now comes the social aspect of YooStar 2. If you are pleased with your performance you can share it with your friends via Twitter or the Yoostar Facebook app, talk about social suicide, but that’s just me. Got a friend who also has Yoostar? You can view their performance and give your rating on their efforts. So there you have it, depending on if you want to play it straight or have a little fun with it, Yoostar 2 is a great Party Game that will have everyone laughing at some point and maybe a few sad feelings for those whom can’t take constructive criticism. There were a few in my review test group…what Goof Balls.

I do want to take a moment to Applaud this title for the Kinect since it seems that Microsoft and its Video Game Developing partners have sort of abandoned the device as of late with hardly any new Kinect enabled Titles being released. Yoostar 2 In the Movies has proven to me that I didn’t just buy an expensive Air Dance/Fitness Controller. I would also like to tip my hat to all the Movie Studios that allowed for such an undertaking. “Waner Bros.”, “CBS”, “Paramount”, Lionsgate”, “Universal” Heck even “Sony Pictures” and “MGM” got involved.

Now you really are “In the Movies” and maybe, just maybe, your performance can out trump that Beiber kid, seriously. Thanks for reading...Zircon Out.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Top Spin 4 | Review

If you like Tennis, you're going to love this!

2K has sent us their latest Tennis offering with the new Top Spin 4.  I haven't played a Top Spin title before, and I haven't even played a Tennis game (Table Tennis doesn't count) since the Dreamcast days when it was called Virtua Tennis.  That being said, how does the newest entry stack up?  Quite well actually.

Tennis as a video game, is going to have a niche appeal.  It's not going to draw the Madden crowd or the MLB fans; like it's real-life counterpart, Top Spin 4 is for Tennis lovers.  For those that love the sport, the skill and strategy is all here.  For those like me, who haven't played in a while, I swiftly jumped into the Top Spin Academy (training) feature first.  There's a variety of training, from the basics, to more advanced techniques.  I had to get my racket wet a bit before starting any real games.  Once I completed the training, I created a player (there are numerous amounts of customization, or if you're like me, you can just randomize yourself to get started).

Career mode is where the meat of the game is at.  You begin at the bottom of the latter, participating in a series of small tournaments and special training matches.  You earn XP as you play, as well as if you meet certain objectives of a match, you'll get bonus XP.  This allows you to level-up your player.  Like a good RPG, you can't take on the likes of Agassi, or Federer as a first-timer, you need to build your reputation, boost your skills, and use every move in your arsenal to take down the best.  (This is sounding like a lot of fun!).  It's akin to your leveling up in the Tiger Woods series, or the leveling up found in racing titles like Forza 3; as you get better, more events, and tournaments open up for you to conquer, and there's something quite satisfying about that slow, methodical approach to playing. 

The gaming atmosphere is great as well.  In the first few spars, you're playing at a local tennis club, with a few onlookers; but once you make it into tournaments, the crowd reaction keeps is pitch perfect.  Control is great as one would expect from a game that requires the finesse as this one.  Timing has to be just right to pull off the more advanced moves, but the tight controls allow for a natural evolution of one's skills.

Outside of the career mode, there are a few other modes worth mentioning; of course there's straight up exhibition play, when you want to just jump right in with pre-set characters, and not worry about the long process of career mode.  You can play singles or doubles against the computer, or even take on some online opponents.  Speaking of online, there's a wealth of options there as well.  There's the full-on career mode also, where you play against actual human opponents; the skill is harder, but the rewards are that much sweeter.  You can also play exhibition modes of online if that's your thing.

All in all - Top Spin 4 is really the best Tennis game out there; I know there's not much competition, but this one will have you playing for hours.  Graphics are great, controls are superb, atmosphere is recreated perfectly, to give you the best experience available.  Highly Recommended! gives Top Spin 4 an 8 out of 10

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gamers Digital to release Zombii Attack

I get an email this morning from someone that handles the 2K titles, you know Duke, Spec Ops and other AAA titles. However, this was not about a big release, more so about a WiiWare game, called Zombii Attack, which only costs 500 points.

So what is it? Well you play as a survivor in an infected city full of zombies, but how do you defend yourself I must ask. Well, that is easy, with a slingshot that launches anvils, tires, z-bombs, and of course zombies using the Wii remote.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zircon's "Gods Eater Burst" Review

“Gods Eater Burst” has now come to America, land of the free, and home of the “Monster Hunter” franchise. Does this new contender to the throne that monster hunting built have what it takes captivate PSP players here in the states as well as it has in Japan? “Gods Eater Burst” has enjoyed an incredible following in Japan where over 1,000,000 units have sold. The “Burst” version that we here in America have a chance to enjoy is an enhanced version with many more missions and yes a very addictive story that will draw the player into this crazy world and compel them to see just what twist is coming next.

In the game “Gods Eater Burst” the earth of the not too distant future has become plagued by tremendously terrifying beasts known only as the “Aragami” (not to be mistaken for delicately folded paper Unicorns). Humanity’s last and sole hope lies in an elite group of hunters called the “Gods Eaters” who have a natural ability to wield a special weapon called the “God Arc”. This weapon which is roughly the size of a motorcycle has an incredible ability to morph from Bastard Sword size blades to a Rail Gun and then change again to a Predatory gaping Maw in which to devour these beasts once they are down. So you hunt down huge mutant beasts, kill them and then devour them for raw materials. Players will create their own unique hero and battle alongside others in your group against many different types of mutant enemies. Players can hunt with an artificial intelligence controlled party or switch to Ad Hoc and invite up to four other friends to work together to free the world of this increasing menace. While battling, the player will be able to craft unique blades, guns, and bullets to customize your loadout to take down the ever evolving “Aragami”.
The furious battle pace will send players through hundreds of missions, some that are story based and some that are considered free play to add to your money coffers and raw material base. The game will demand quick thinking on the behalf of the player for tactical shifting between your weapon types so as to exploit the weaknesses of the current mission’s mutant threat.

So now on to my personal views of this new action role playing experience that has come to our game hungry PSP’s. Quite frankly, in the beginning I found the overwhelming amount of reading required to understand what has transpired in this world to be very cumbersome, I wanted to get out there and kill me some monsters. But no, I needed to go through some long and drawn out tutorials that I later was thankful for as they explained the extensive use of nearly every button on the console. This now leads me to my only complaint on this otherwise fantastic game...THE CONTROLS!!! “Gods Eater Burst” is an action game that demands the use of two analog sticks, alas my PSP has only one so imagine trying to constantly re-orient myself in a three dimensional space by having to press the upper left bumper button on my PSP, I think I wore it out. These monsters that you fight are very, very agile and your character only runs so fast so during battle they are hopping, flying and running all over the place and then I need to turn around and quickly press my left button to shift the camera only to find the monster has just jumped to a new location. That being said (it is what it is) this game had me coming back for more and more as I wanted to complete yet another mission and another to advance the story.

Running around swinging a sword the size of a “Smart Car” to defeat a monster the size of a City Bus had me hooked, yes hooked, line, and sinker. Then the monsters kept coming and kept getting bigger and badder and even more evolved. The story explains that these mutants have no brains rather each individual cell of these beasts has its own intelligence and they continue to mimic what they devour from organic creatures to even machinery. So much like a freakish Chimera, you will come up against a lion, bird, and fish tailed creature with the face of a human and the ability to launch missiles and use other aspects of machinery. The researchers of this world then fear that it is only a matter of time before they start seeing human forms of these creatures that will eventually infiltrate and replace human kind. Time to kill some monsters! So there you have it my fellow gamers. “Gods Eater Burst” is definitely worth the purchase and only your purchase will keep these games coming. So run to your Game store and pick up this game today.
With that, I am off to immerse myself in yet another PSP Treat to review for you loyal readers.

Till then … Zircon has left the blog. Z-man Out.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ubisoft to be coming out swinging for the launch of the 3DS

We all knew that the 3DS coming out this weekend would be followed by a strong launch lineup. In preparation of the event, I will have my blue 3DS rocking the Street Fighter IV, but what else is coming out. Ubisoft let me know they have four launch titles you may or may not have known about, which consist of Asphalt 3D, Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D, Rayman 3D, and last but not least Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars. Keep an eye on Mashbuttons for the 3DS launch reviews.

Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel |Review

Synopsis: NIS America has released it's final chapter in the Ar Tonelico, a JRPG series that includes action and rhythm elements with tongue in cheek humor to it's audience. The story takes place in Sol Cluster, which is a land ruled by the Clustania organization, a group set on consists of Reyvateils and "purified" human slaves...see where this is going? Aside from trying to avoid genoci...ahem, cleansing, you are a young buck named Aoto, and your quest is to save the girl. So without further ado, lets get to the brass tacks.

Praise: There is a lot to be said about this title, mainly because it has been a while since I have played a JRPG that was fun which caught and kept my attention, even if it is with adolescent humor and naughty enuendos. The dialogue is funny, but dirty enough to make you want to play this game by yourself and even has a panic button, for when your mom comes in to tell you dinner is ready, hiding the screen from discerning eyes. The raunchy humor is not just a gimmick, it does help carry the story along and who is to complain about party members that get stronger by losing clothing. The action is smooth, and if you time your attacks at the right moment you can purge and release stronger moves. The graphics are very bright and crisp, looking beautiful.

Gripes: Aside from trying to make sure no one catches you playing this, there isn't much i have to complain about, which I don't think I have said in a long time about JRPG titles. The first issue that I noticed immediately, was the camera, but it was only for when I was exploring that I wanted to rotate the camera to see if there was anything hiding in the cracks. You can however move the camera in battle sequences with is a good thing as I feel it would almost be unplayable if it didn't. The story moves at a slow pace, with numerous conversations, I mean there seemed to be more talking than exploration and fighting, luckily the dialogue is good and you can speed it along.

Overall, it felt refreshing to play a JRPG that had all the basics the genre needs and seems to have forgotten. Whether it be visiting towns or crawling through dungeons and wading through the storyline, you will be glued to the controller for hours at a time. If you are one that is a fan of progression and not patient playing with age old RPG mechanics of the Super Nintendo or even PS One, may not get into this title as much. gives Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel a 7 out of 10.

Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel is available now for the PlayStation 3.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Zircon's Review of "Y's" Books I and II Chronicles

The Legacy of the Y’s franchise is one that quite simply can be considered to be one that birthed the modern day RPG. Nihon Falcom Corporation which many attribute to be the Grandfather Development house that began the trend towards role playing games started this genre in 1984. Founded in 1981 Falcom as they are known today started churning out PC titles, then they defined themselves with an early RPG known as “Dragon Slayer”. This game exhibited all the RPG elements that we here in America were playing as a paper, pen and a 20 sided dice Game called “Dungeons and Dragons”. These elements of Leveling through experience, Loot collecting, Obtaining new Armor and Magic Spells not to mention the slaying of many a monster was finally played out in a Graphic Video Game Experience. Japanese gamers were quickly consumed by this new questing genre and many, many more copycat titles began to follow. In 1987 Falcom introduced the first game in what was a planned franchise called “Y’s” (Pronounced Ease. Trust me so many gamers still get it wrong). This top down action RPG was originally released for the Sega Master System. And Yes I actually still own that cartridge.

“Y’s” tells the story of a Young Red headed adventurer named “Adol Christin” and later on his longtime companion “Dogi” The term “Y’s” refers to a long lost race of beings whom documented their wisdom in 6 books known as the “books of Y’s”. So “Adol” sets off to save the land of Esteria and recover the ancient books of wisdom.A year later came its Sequel titled appropriately “Y’s” II and the skirmish begins anew with a very similar quest that nearly mirrors the first with some new aspects. The franchise was now gaining a high following in Japan while here in America the quests of “Esteria” seemed to be overlooked in favor of other competing RPG’s. Fast forward to our gaming appetites of today and we now have “Y’s” Seven. Yes “Adol” still continues to be the hero to count on when the monsters come for our lands and Women.

So imagine my excitement when Xseed announced at E-3 Last year that RPG lovers were about to have bestowed upon them “Y’s” Seven , a Remake of “Wanderers of “Y’s” (retitled “”Y’s” Oath of Felghana”) and yes the remakes of “Y’s” Books I and II. Rejoice my fellow RPG’ers Rejoice indeed. “Y’s” Books I and II Chronicles are a graphic reboot of the Classic “Y’s” Originals, the gameplay has remained true but nearly every graphical aspect of these titles has been updated and now looks amazing. The landscapes look very lush and colorful and the townships and the people that inhabit them have been redone to a point where the gameplay feels new and relevant. You start out being washed ashore and saved by a local who brings you to a doctor and his nurse who save you and help introduce you to the perils that have befallen this small little berg. Soon you are off on a quest to find the source of the current monster menace and retrieve the 6 Books of “Y’s”. Once done with this quest you have a calling to save the world again with “Y’s” Book II. Yes, more monsters and more questing await as the weight of this world and its liberation from evil is on your shoulders. Thus is the curse of the True Hero.

Depending on how you play, each game will give you anywhere from 10 to 12 hours of play and you get two games to enjoy, so this package is definitely worth the price of admission. I would recommend that you purchase all three titles as I noticed today that when all the Packages are put together they complete a spinal representation of the “Y’s” Logo. A tip of my hat goes out to Xseed for giving us these fantastic blasts from the past and keeping the world of “Y’s” alive and well. Earlier in this review I mentioned the Granddad of RPGS “Dragon Slayer” well Xseed is not done with us yet as soon we will see “Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky” which is the heir apparent to the “Dragon Slayer” Franchise. So as you can see the goodness continues and I can only hope to be at E-3 this year to see what the future holds for us and the new releases for the aging PSP and its offspring, the NGP (no not the PSP 2 as we thought but the “Next Generation Portable” from Sony).

Xseed, you are rapidly becoming a contender to be at the top of my Christmas card list.

This is Zircon and I have left the build…. Er, rather I have left the blog. Till next time.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

When was the last time you wanted to know more about a game this bad?

I have come to realize that I do not think I have been in this much anticipation just from a trailer and a few shots as I have with Dead Island. Why is this so? Is it due to the production level of the trailer, the premise of zombies on an island, or an incredible marketing team? Either way, I am frothing at the bit for the opportunity to get my hands on it and see if it lives up to the hype. While waiting though, you can enjoy the latest pictures received for Dead Island.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Warriors: Legend of Troy| Review

Synopsis: Koei has released a new action title, Warriors: Legends of Troy, asking will you fight for love, family, and honor. The publisher behind the numerous Dynasty Warrior entries have released their latest game, with tells the age old story of the Greek and Trojan conflict over the love of Helen. This is a hack and slash like Dynasty Warriors before but this time around comes the slaughter of legions of soldiers on large scale battlegrounds in a new era. Players also get to experience battle from both sides of the legendary battle, while also having the ability to earn in-game currency to increase your heroes’ attributes and moves. Let’s see if this title is an epic hit like the historic events or if it is built up like a myth told over and over through the ages.

Praise: What happens when you mix 300 with Dynasty Warriors? You get Warriors: Legends of Troy, a game that most gamers would immediately perk up to find out more. With the large maps and beautiful cut scenes followed by a historic story, it creates a strong basis for a good game. But what about the gameplay? As you kill your opposition and completed levels, your earn in game credits to put towards raising your attributes and acquiring better attack combos, keeping you coming back for more to see what you can unlock and strategically place them on a limited character grid. Being able to take on many enemies at once is gratifying especially with fury mode with puts you in a sort of bloodlust mode, slicing through any in your way with ease.

Gripes: Same question applies for the last paragraph, as I recall really disliking the 300 video game and never really being a fan of the Dynasty Warrior games. When you start the game, your attack speed is painfully slow, and I found myself holding down the lock on button to make sure I was actually attacking the enemies, because if you don’t and the enemy moves mid combo, you are stuck watching your character swing aimlessly at nothing, so make sure you increase your attributes accordingly. The graphics also looked the same as they did when I demoed at E3, which aren’t bad, but I was hoping this would have been improved on over the nine months that have gone by.

Overall, if you are a fan of the era and legend, you will be entertained, in fact, the more you play the better it gets, however, it is a pity you start so gimped. I did find this to be a lot more engaging than previous Dynasty Warrior titles and the controls are quick to get the hang of, but unfortunately the gameplay, visuals, and story just didn’t seem to be more than average to me, but this time of year seems to be a great time for its release as it is a decent game to play through while you wait for the next triple A title to release. gives Warriors: Legend of Troy a 6 out of 10.

Warriors: Legend of Troy is available now for the PlayStation 3.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The 3rd Birthday makes me want a PSP

We have gotten the newest trailer from Square Enix for The 3rd Birthday, the sequel to the Parasite Eve franchise. I loved the first title on the original PlayStation and now the the trailers and videos have been surfacing, it may be time to get another PSP. You can check out the trailer below.

Deus Ex to hit stores this Summer

Square Enix has recently announced that their upcoming sequel to one of their most popular franchises, Deus Ex, will be releasing on August 23, 2011 with Human Revolution. Fans of the series will be able to purchase an Augmented Edition which will include a 44 minute, making of DVD, soundtrack, comic, and art book. Pre orders will also include gameplay enhancements, such as weapons, upgrades, missions, and credits.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Aksys announces limited edition of naughty SRPG

Some may remember last year's Record of Agarest War, the Strategy RPG with naughty trailer. One of my first reviews and I still feel that same about it a year later. Well Aksys has announced Record of Agarest War Zero in Limited Edition form. Though there is no release date, we do have the contents of the package, a soundtrack, character data guide, card box, playing cards, and collectible skill cards, seen above.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top Spin 4 dev diary puts the ball in your court

2K Sports has released the developer diary for their soon to be released tennis game, Top Spin 4. In the video you will learn about the new features, like tournaments, sparring partner training, and quick matches to gain XP in climbing up the player rankings. See for yourself below.

Ubisoft reveals the details behind next Call of Juarez

The third entry to the western action shooter Call of Juarez was recently announced and getting a lot of publicity both good and bad behind the premise of The Cartel. Ubisoft has recently released some details to get you ready to discard Red Dead Redemption and onto The Cartel. These details can be found below.

- Three player online co-op with Kim Evans, Eddie Guerra and Ben McCall
- Gamers can play the entire campaign with each of the three characters; each character has his/her own unique story and ending
- Huge selection of weapons including pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, anti-air weapons and more
- Wide variety of maps and missions including punitive raids, witness protection, undercover missions, and car chases

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2K Sports has made March 1st, sports demo day

2K Sports has been blowing up the email box with press releases for Top Spin 4 and MLB 2K11. If you haven't been following, we have recently had the opportunity to speak with the developers about what is new to come to the MLB franchise. Well, wait no longer as the demo for both Top Spin 4 and MLB 2K11 are now available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so que it up and see for yourself.