Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yoostar 2 is here and yes, it is your chance to experience what it would be like to play a part in some of your favorite movies. But before you start to write your Oscar winning speech, let Yoostar 2 put you through the paces, literally. This review covers the Xbox 360 Kinect version and I am pleased to report that Yoostar 2 is a compelling title that just might help justify that expensive Kinect investment. Yoostar 2 “In the Movies” takes famous scenes from many of your favorite motion pictures and allows you to play the part of the actor in that scene and you can play it real or ad-lib and create a hilarious new approach to your choice of Cinema vignettes.

Once the initial room set up has been done, it’s going to have you set up room for a play area with proper Kinect placement and lighting, and the lighting is a bit tough to get right. Once this is done you can spin the wheel of movie clips from movies such as “Superman Returns”, heck anything you do here will make that clip better…er um sorry, but from dozens of others as well as “Star Trek”, “Tropic Thunder”, and “Forest Gump”. I particularly loved my new take on it, with,”Life is like a box of fish, you never know when it’s going to stink up the place. “The Godfather” was a lot fun, but I make a for a terrible Brando, “King Kong” killed me and let’s just say that nothing was funnier than playing out a flamboyant Arnold in “Terminator “, “Ill be back and I will look FAB-U-Lous!! (If only I had a Feather BOA). There are so many movies that you will certainly find something to express your inner celebrity on and there are a few more available for download on Xbox Live.

Now comes the social aspect of YooStar 2. If you are pleased with your performance you can share it with your friends via Twitter or the Yoostar Facebook app, talk about social suicide, but that’s just me. Got a friend who also has Yoostar? You can view their performance and give your rating on their efforts. So there you have it, depending on if you want to play it straight or have a little fun with it, Yoostar 2 is a great Party Game that will have everyone laughing at some point and maybe a few sad feelings for those whom can’t take constructive criticism. There were a few in my review test group…what Goof Balls.

I do want to take a moment to Applaud this title for the Kinect since it seems that Microsoft and its Video Game Developing partners have sort of abandoned the device as of late with hardly any new Kinect enabled Titles being released. Yoostar 2 In the Movies has proven to me that I didn’t just buy an expensive Air Dance/Fitness Controller. I would also like to tip my hat to all the Movie Studios that allowed for such an undertaking. “Waner Bros.”, “CBS”, “Paramount”, Lionsgate”, “Universal” Heck even “Sony Pictures” and “MGM” got involved.

Now you really are “In the Movies” and maybe, just maybe, your performance can out trump that Beiber kid, seriously. Thanks for reading...Zircon Out.

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