Friday, December 29, 2017

Hands on with DaVinci's IQ Vaporizer

Next on the list of product reviews is the IQ from DaVinci, a new, compact, and beautiful vaporizer. The IQ fits in the palm of my hand and is made up of aluminum, ceramic zirconia, and a removable rechargeable battery. Outside of the looks, the IQ come loaded with temperature options such as precision temperature control from 250 to 430 degrees, boost mode, and smart path, which has four temperature settings that heat to a consistent range. The display does not use a 
screen but consists of 51 LED lights and vibrates when powered on/off and when heated to the desired temperature.
The flavor in which the IQ was able to provide was the great, consistent, and smooth. DaVinci was able to provide this by way of the ceramic zirconia air path, flavor chamber, and mouthpieces, that’s right mouthpieces. One is a flat mouthpiece which is best for taking on the go in my pocket and the other is a 10mm which happened to be my favorite. Another feature that needs mentioning is the smart path heat settings and boost mode, the smart path setting heats to a specific temperature and gradually increases so temperature is not lost, while boost does just that by increasing the temperature as long as you hold down the power button.
The IQ would have had a perfect review but I did have a little trouble with the app. I was able to register the device to my phone but when I turned on the device and opened the DaVinci app, my phone was unable to connect and the lights turned off while the vaporizer continued to get hot and would rapidly discharge the battery.  DaVinci claims up to an hour and a half of use between charges, but in my usage it was closer to an hour before I got the low battery notification, luckily the IQ has a removable battery so buying a spare is an option if needed.
I have reviewed a number of vaporizers, many of them good if not great, but this device is far and away my favorite due to the flavor it never failed to deliver, whether freshly loaded or reheated, it’s consistent and easy to use. While the IQ comes with a heavy price point of $274.99, it’s build, size, and performance had me coming back to the IQ over my other vaporizers. Lastly, should you decide to go with DaVinci’s IQ, I would suggest taking a look at the accessory and aromatherapy pages to see the many additional options for this mighty little vaporizer.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Vie is set out to revolutionize the Vaporizer

Last week I was provided with a new vaporizer from Vie, a new company with a unique product that is loaded with features for whatever you may to throw at it…or in it.  For starters, the Vie uses a pod system, for both flower and concentrates, which makes for simple refill on the go. Should you not want to use the capsules; there is an adapter and screens in the box to load as little as you want. In regards to what all is included in the box, my Vie contained a cleaning kit, 4 capsules (3 flower and 1 Wax), tube for the capsules, and cleaning cloth. Now that my Vie has gotten some use, it is time to see how it holds up.
There is a lot to be said about this little powerhouse, for starters, it travels well in a pocket or purse without feeling bulky and the extra capsules with carrying tube makes it easy to reload quickly without a mess. On any of the four heat settings, the Vie provides a thick smoky puff that I don’t typically see in hand held vaporizers, and there are 4 temperature options for each of the three heat settings, which are capsule, chamber, or concentrate. The Vie heats up quickly and while it does get warm, it manages to stay cooler to the touch than the other vaporizers I have reviewed and the battery lasted about a week before needing to be recharged.
During my experience, there were a couple things in which I wanted to point out, the first is the lack of instructions for some of the features of the vaporizer such as how to remove the top for cleaning and how to load the concentrate pod. Like most other portable vaporizers I have come across, this one is no stranger to the burnt popcorn flavor when reheating a pod, which makes me happy that there is also an optional part so that a pod does not need to be used for single use sessions. Lastly, although it is compact, I would suggest using a carrying case or order the optional silicone odor control cap, as people nearby can smell it when stowed away.

All in all, the Vie provides a lot from such a small package and almost equally small price tag. This vaporizer provides all of the features that are found in other vaporizers that are priced at double the Vie’s $99.00 price tag and comes in black, red, or silver. Vie includes and extensive cleaning kit which is also rarely included with other vaporizers in the same price point, and it is very much appreciated as this vaporizer needs to be cleaned more often than others I have reviewed. The Vie is available now from

Monday, August 7, 2017

MashButtons goes full wireless with Jabra’s Elite Sport

Jabra has recently provided me with their recent truly wireless earbuds, the Elite Sport, which isn’t just for listening to music cord free, but also provides heart rate monitoring and coaching while also being compatible with a number of fitness apps. Since these are completely wireless,  a clamshell charging case is included and in regards to charging, Jabra is boasting up to 13 and a half hours between charges. These ear buds integrate with Jabra’s Sport Life application, which allows for planning workouts, tests fitness levels, along with analyzing and recording fitness activity.
Out of the box and into my ears, these buds were easy to sync but uncomfortable, but after a few failed attempts to get the right fit with the various sized EarWings and EarGels, I was able to get them to stay in my ears comfortably. What I really liked about the Elite Sports was that when charging their case, Bluetooth would disconnect, then would automatically connect to my phone once the case opened. During use, I learned that one ear bud can be used should you want to be aware of your surroundings, but be aware that it must be the right side because once the right gets too far from the left side, the left side will shut off.
I was able to wear these comfortably through a workout, but got a little uncomfortable towards the end of a two hour flight. While there are buttons to control the volume, track, and heart rate, the buttons were very small and would have to firmly press the earbud into my ear to get the button to click. My only other complaint is probably just a personal preference but the sound quality, while crisp and clear with various music genres, was lacking in bass. I am not sure how the sound compares to apple’s wireless ear buds, but my comparison was with my Bose SoundSport that are similar in size but wired.

Being that the Elite Sport are completely wireless I was worried that they would fall out of my ear while active, but they fit snug and didn’t fall out, dry or sweaty. The amount of features are plentiful to help justify the heavy price and stand out among the handful of truly wireless earbuds and the sound quality stays clear at any volume and does well drowning out noise. These are best fit for active lifestyles with their ability to effectively stay in my ears, monitor workouts, provide coaching, and link to my Apple Watch so the phone wasn’t needed to be on me to listen to my playlist and track my activity. Jabra’s Elite Sport is available now for $249.99.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Dipstick Vapes bring versatility with the Dipper

Dipstick Vapes has provided me with their latest innovation since the Dipstick and this new vaporizer for concentrates is dubbed the Dipper. What sets it aside from the original Dipstick is the addition of the optional quartz crystal atomizer for more traditional usage. The unique vapor tip is what carried over from the flagship Dipper and all put together wit a durable metal build. Now that the Dipper has been unpackaged and gotten some usage with each of the available tips, it is time to see how it performs.

The first feature of the Dipper that stands out is the durable build, as it feels heavy and like it could take a couple accidental falls and while feeling heavy, it is extremely portable without feeling awkward. It’s single button is easy to locate with multiple heat settings and three colored LED to identify when the Dipper is how and how hot it is set at. When it comes to the actual use, the Dipper is smooth with low resistance, which resulted in less coughing than I typically experience with vaporizing concentrates. The vapor tip is great for usage at home without need of any sticks or scrapers and the atomizer is great for use while out, just load and go.

My time with the Dipper was great, it stays nice and clean without worry of leakage in my pocket and provided an easy draw which results in smooth flavorful puffs with each use. I did have a slight hiccup with the atomizer out of the box, it did not have a solid connection, but after a brief call with Dipstick Vapes, it was quickly replaced and works like a dream. I must admit, not being familiar with the original Dipstick, it looked a little weird and wasn’t sure how it would work but it is extremely efficient and I liked not having to mess with concentrates which tend to wind up all over the place. The Dipper from Dipstick Vapes is available now for $149.99 in Chrome and Charcoal.