Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Swann's PenCam is great gift idea for Dad and Grad

This next item is an interesting one, from Swann the company that has a large lineup of surveillance devices. The item at hand is the Swann PenCam DVR mini video camera and recorder, which allows you to write, take high res jpg images, and film HD AVI videos via pinhole video camera. With 2GB of internal storage, it is also expandable to 16GB by addition of a micro USB card. The pen is rechargeable by USB and packs a ninety minute battery life to easily catch those unexpected office or life moments to upload for all to see.
The Swann PenCam is available now for the price of 99 dollars.

Monday, May 27, 2013

MashButtons gets our mits on Resident Evil: Revelations on the PS3

Resident Evil fans that did not want to get the 3DS only for Revelations can finally rejoice, as it is now available for the PlayStation 3. While it is not in 3D, you can now play Revelations in HD on your big screen with a laundry list of additions over it's handheld counterpart. Said additions consist of a new enemy, difficulty mode, and then raid mode got new weapons, skills, and the ability to play as other iconic characters from the series. This game takes place between RE4 and RE5, uncovering the truth behind the T-Abyss virus all while playing as Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. Time to board the Queen Zenobia and see what Revelations has to offer. 
I really had a fun time with Revelations on the 3DS, but there were a couple items holding it back from full potential, mainly being the small handheld’s controls, small screen, and small stereo speaker. Being more playable on the console has resolved these issues and made for a much more pleasurable experience. The graphics look absolutely amazing and the gameplay, while still a bit slow for my liking adds to the survival element, seeing that eminent death by mutation coming and fighting for my life backed into a corner. Where I particularly enjoyed most was hanging out in Raid mode, as you are able to use BP towards character and weapon customization all while playing coop to survive and level up. 
Something that was frustrating about the gameplay is the scanning of corpses and the scanning of every room feels forced. It comes in handy when you are short on ammo or herbs as you can often times find useful items during use. Being someone that had already played through I was looking to gradually play through with heavy focus on raid mode, but I actually had to do it the other way around, playing through the main story to unlock raid mode’s missions. The plus side to this is that you will earn BP throughout the main story to be used in raid mode to customize and arm your player as you see fit. 
Revelations on the PS3 is the way in which the latest in the Resident Evil series was meant to be played. I played through on the DS and never thought twice about it after completion. Playing on a home entertainment center allows for less strain and longer gameplay and if paired with surround sound, turned up, it really increases the uneasy gameplay that was intended. The core gameplay consisted of always making sure your gun is loaded, have plenty of ammo, go slow around corners, and always be scanning. 

V-Moda releases iPhone 5 and S3 case, we get our hands on the Metallo

Makers of some of the sexiest headphones we have seen, V-Moda has released a case for your iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S 3, and as you would expect from other products in their lineup, the build is both unique and rugged. Crafted in lightweight aluminum, the Metallo is machined from a single solid block of metal, and sixty minutes of milling and cutting later, it is lined with foam to make the lightweigth tactile case.  
In my time spent with the Metallo, I loved how it looked wrapped around my black iPhone 5, it is incredibly lightweight, slim, and supports use with V-Moda's Vamp Verza. If you do not have the expensive amplifier, there are two different backings included in the package along with screen protectors to keep from scratches. The install was easy, I just inserted my phone and slid the back up from the bottom, locked it into place like a magazine in my favorite pistol, and it was ready for action. If you don't have fingernails, a metal guitar pick is included to help remove the back for removal and cleaning.
While, I loved using the Metallo case on my phone there were a couple things which I did not like. The first and biggest would be the metal on metal grinding when securing or removing the back, it is the equivalent to nails on a chalkboard, so this quickly became a leave on case, only removing from time to time for cleaning. Also note edges are sharp, but the sharp edges are only exposed when the case is apart as all outer edgings are smooth. Lastly, there was a bit of wiggle to my phone which may very well be due to not using the screen cover, but was easily fitted with a little scotch tape over the internal foam padding. 
This case, like all of V-Moda’s lineup is great looking and well built. While it is a pricy case, coming in at just over a hundred dollars and available in silver, black, or red. I had no problems with installing or removing except for spine tingling chills, had no interruption in calls, and most of all the Metallo is slim, adding protection without the bulk. As someone that uses my phone’s camera a lot, I did not encounter any change in picture quality while equipped. If you are in the market for a tactical looking case for your always on you accessory then the Metallo is for you iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III owners.

MashButtons Reviews Black Rock Shooter: The Game

We have another game review this time on the PSP, with NIS America’s latest release of Black Rock Shooter The Game, based on a popular animated series and comes in the form of a JRPG. Earth has been beat down by extrarerrestrials, twelve humans stand united, and the last hope of survival BRS, a sort of Leeloo Dallas, a heroine whose sole purpose is as humankind’s savior. While it is a JRPG, survival is based on tactics and reflexes, level up to equip a variety of attacks, and complete missions for guns, costumes, and other unlockables. Black Rock Shooter has downloaded, taking up just over a gig from my memory card, so let’s dive in. 
I had not heard of the series before playing , but I felt that the beginning of the game does a good job of explaining previous events leading up to now, even sparking intrigue to check out the show, if time ever permits. Gameplay was fast and not just mashing buttons, but dodging attacks while making sure your gun doesn’t overheat and you wind up a sitting duck. The learning curve took about 45 minutes or so before opening up what it had to offer and once challenges are completed and unlockables were available, I was hooked. The battles were difficult if you just plan on spamming attacks, hoping the enemy falls before you, blocking and dodging help when timed properly and of course with time comes deeper character progession making it easy to come back over and over again. My only issue is with the appearance as it is grainy looking and bilinear filtering didn’t help on the vita.
I had a lot of fun with Black Rock Shooter The Game for the PSP on my Vita. It had most of the RPG elements to provide hours of entertainment and had a solid story to keep me coming back. Having not watched the series, the game did a good job of providing enough to bring me up to speed while familiarizing myself with the gameplay. While technically it plays great, visually the title looks rather dated and grainy. Anime looks great in HD and had this been provided in the same format of the show, it would have brought additional stimulation. Playthrough took about 12-13 hours and additional missions and mode are made available to keep you coming back for more. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

MashButtons review of Metro: Last Light

The time has come, and I must admit a bit earlier than expected but Metro 2033’s sequel has finally seen the last light of day. Poor pun aside, Metro: Last Light is here for the diehard followers and the many that missed the cult hit, Metro:2033, in console and PC form. This shooter comes in the form of survival horror, with great emphasis on the the survival, by providing a very limited supply of bullets and air filters in post apocalyptic Moscow. The story once again unwinds in the tunnels of the Metro and you find yourself battling internal power struggles for a weapon of mass destruction to wipe out humanity and once again taking on the role of Artyom, you hold the key to humankind’s fate. 
I have to start by saying that Metro:Last Light looks amazing on the Xbox, the 4A Engine did a great job in creating an apocalyptic world with some great lighting both topside and in the Metro. On top of looking great it had a story most any sci fi fan would enjoy while introducing characters in which you grow to like and hate throughout the story. Like the first, the story is what makes Metro so enjoyable and playing as Artyom, the lead from the first, I picked up just after the first as a true sequal and not that hipster prequal or crappy diiferent main character crap. Ranger Mode was what I was looking forward to as a reward for my first playthrough at an easier difficulty and what the mode features is a much more difficult and realistic play mode that makes you want to refrain from wasting precious bullets. 
It is still a bit buggy, improved over 2033, but buggy nonetheless. My most frequently encoutered bug was when my mission locator would point me to my comrade Pavel, but when I approached, it was just akward staring into each other’s eyes waiting for my next instructions. This would usually end up with having to restart the chapter as when I loaded the previous checkpoint I ofter still encountered the same issue. While the premise of bullets as an important form of currency and survival is a unique aspect introduced in Metro 2033, while the gameplay is somewhat bland and does not do a lot to stand out over the number of other shooters in the market, luckily it has personality and loads of it.
Metro:Last Light was a great adventure, the premise of the story had me from start, all the way through the bugs, and up to the finish. It does have it’s blemishes, not on the surface as the Metro was exquisite looking, but on the inside with the occasional chapter restarting bugs. However, if you are like me and more of a fan of the story than some of the more mainstream shooters, than you owe it to yourself to check out Last Light as I have not had this much fun playing a single player shooter since Bioshock, mainly for the dark worlds and enjoyable cast. There is a lot of fun to be had as the story takes between 10 and 12 hours to complete and Ranger Mode is something that should definitely be experienced after your first playthrough if you want to experience punishment as it was intended.

Monday, May 13, 2013

NewTrent's power hog, the iCarrier

Next up we have a small generator with NewTrent’s Powerpak iCarrier. This is a portable power pack that comes carrying 12,000 mAh of power and has two USB outputs for simultaneous charging. Not sure how much juice is exactly available? Let’s just say it is enough to fully charge a phone six times without recharging.  The iCarrier is an upgraded version of NewTrent’s popular iCruiser tablet and smartphone external battery and their highest capacity pack to date, so it’s time to unplug the chargers and see how long it takes before I have to refill.

I have had power packs in the past, mostly somewhere in the ballpark of 2000-5000 mAh, and usually around half the size of the iCarrier. It is small and easy to take on the go, rather than supplying one, maybe two, full charges on the go, it is able to provide almost a week’s worth of juice and fully recharge overnight. The size is nice and compact, but with great power comes great weight, not enough to weigh down a laptop bag, but enough to be uncomfortable swinging in a pocket. It may seem like a long time to fully charge, but looking back at the amount of usage to drain, it is easily worth an overnight charge. It sports a matte finish to prevent fingerprints, but says nothing about smudges as I was often wiping it clean, luckily the velvet pouch that is included helps keep the external battery smudge free. The iCarrier comes through in a clutch, especially on road trips, with the dual charge output, it can recharge quickly multiple devices at the same time along with tablets and other mobile devices/accessories.

The iCarrier is the end all be all of external battery packs and bulky power cases. In my usage, I was able not use my iPhone wall charger for about a week before recharging. With a 12,000 mAh battery pack, there are not a lot of external batteries out there with the same amount of juice and a price tag south of a hundred dollars. You do have to use the wall charger as it does now charge via USB cable like other external battery packs, so make sure the pack is full or you have the charger with you as this is a heavy paperweight without juice. With a guaranteed minimum charge cycle of 500 times, the NewTrent iCarrier is available now for $76.95.

iPad Mini case showdown: X-Doria vs. id America vs. Case Scenario

We have another showcase showdown and this time for apple’s junior tablet, the iPad Mini. Three case manufacturers provided me with their latest cases for the Mini and we are going to see how each fares with my usage and preferences. The cases on the chopping block are in no particular order X-Doria’s Dash Folio, id America’s SmartFold, and last but not least Case Scenario’s Pantone Universe case. All three cases bring multiple viewing angles, auto sleep and wake, and similar black portfolio designs, so what I plan to do is see what separates the three and functionally works best to my liking, so let’s get it on!

First up we have the Dash Folio from X-Doria, sporting a black and gray appearance using multiple layers and an elastic strap when not in use. Fear not, even though it uses a band to hold shut, it still wakes when open and sleeps when closed. My devices easily snapped into the rubber case and had no problem with taking pictures or accessing the charge and headphone ports. What I particularly enjoyed most was the variety of viewing angles, as there are indents for the case to stop on from side to side and are a plenty, not this measly few speed bumps. Of the three cases, this was my prefered case visually, but felt a bit flimsy in comparison. X-Doria’s Dash Folio is available now for $39.99 in black or brown.

Next up we have id America’s version of the case and dubbed the SmartFold fold away cover, ours was the black, but the leatherette portfolio is also available in brown, gray, orange, red, and white. Of the three cases, the Smartfold was the bulkiest but also the best built and most professional looking. The cover both lays flat against the back but also folds into a triangle to hold upright and slightly propped up for easier typing, great for typing up reviews on the go. The Mini slides into the case and a flap folds into place, this was preferred over the other folios, but I would have preferred the magnets to also hold the flap against the back during use. The SmartFold is available now for $39.99 in a variety of colors.

Last but creatively not least is Case Scenario’s Pantone iPad Mini Bookcase, what is Pantone you say? Pantone is the common color language, and is a library of colors recognized globally. The case resembles a color swatch most commonly seen in paint and home improvement stores, and my case 19-4004 and the color is Tap Shoe or black. What I particularly liked about the case was was the subtle and creative design topped with it also being the most compact of the three. With two speed bumps on the cover, you get multiple viewing angles and because it is so compact, the flap lays almost completely flat against the back of the case. While this is another case that you slide the iPad into, Case Scenario did a great job at minimizing the borders and leaving the camera exposed for higher picture quality. Case Scenario’s Pantone iPad Mini Bookcase is available now in Tap Shoe (black) and Scarlet Sage (red) for the price of 49.99 Euros or currently 64.90 Dollars based on today’s conversion value.

It's Leather vs. Aluminum in the iPhone 5 case showdown

I love when we have a face off, getting two products for the same device, what better time to go head to head and see which will stand victorious. The two items we have are iPhone 5 cases, the first is the Beamhaus Case brought to us by Griffin and the other is the Gasket by id America. Both are slim fitting and uniquely styled, built for dads and grads. Who will be left standing of the two, the sleek and sylish Beamhaus case with Horween Dublin leather or the Gasket which resembles one side of a V8 engine block?

The Gasket speeds in front of Beamhaus with the shiny aluminum case thats wraps nicely around my iPhone 5. The car nut in me loves this case and anyone familiar with cars will notice this case in an instant. I was not a fan of the Gasket case for the iPhone 4/4S, but with the 5’s larger size, the case looks much more like a high perform auto part. The cuts were also sharper in the smaller phone model which made me apprehensive at first, but along with beefing up the design, the edges were smoothed to prevent the feel of shaving from knuckles or fingertips reaching into my pockets. Lastly there is a thin foam padding on the inside to make sure my phone fits snugly without rattling while embracing my Iphone.

Next up we have the sleek and very elegant Beamhaus Case. This is the grown up case of the two and visually stands out with the soft Horween Dublin leather. The case wraps around the phone in a slim black plastic case with a soft rubber texture, unfortunately black is the only option for those of you sporting the white iPhone 5. The case fit nice and snug, snapping into place with no loose rattles and lays flat when placed on its back, although with this case, I always kept it face down. Lastly, in the back where the opening for the camera and flash is a little large and immediately stood out to me as you can see the two tone appearance of the phone. I have noticed when manufacturers try to prevent the gaping hole, picture quality suffers and I would prefer the high quality pictures in which the phone was intent to provide.

At the end of the day, the Beamhaus Case stood out to me and my inner grown up, with the subtle black case and soft brown leather. My inner child and upcoming midlife crisis self loved id America’s Gasket, especially how far it has come since it was originally seen at CES last year, but as someone that uses their phone for work, it is high time to retire those Mario and Wolverine cases, and dress to impress. Due to some active hobbies this case was usually removed when outdoors in the open heat as my only fear with this brown leather phone-glove is that it will begin to separate from the case.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Get sensitive, with the new Pogo Connect iPad Stylus | Review

Pressure-sensitive that is...

Stylus', Stylii?  Either way, we've reviewed our fair share of them.  From simple devices designed to mimic holding a pencil, to others that have built-in brushes to mimic, well, a paint-brush.  However, we've recently received the Pogo Connect by Ten One Design, a "Smart Stylus" using the power of bluetooth 4.0 to provide sensitivity to the pressure applied to the pen.

Out of the box, it works just like any other stylus.  It's smooth in hand, has a wide capacitive tip that allows easy use of it as an input device for the iPad.  But to get the most out of the device, and the reason you'd spend the extra money on it, you'll want to download the Pogo Connect App from the App Store.  With it, you can connect your pen via bluetooth, and it has a few other features, such as a handy "ping" feature which lets you see how close your sytlus is, in case it slips between the couch cushions or something like that.  Outside of that, there's a User Guide built into the app, which is handy since you're likely not going to be keeping the box around.

Once you've established the connection with the pen, the differences are still yet to be seen unless you're using a compatible app.  There's a list within the app, some of the most notable are Paper by FiftyThree, Flowpaper, SketchBook Pro, Photoshop Touch and a good deal more.  In most cases, (since I didn't have all of the compatible apps) you have to enable the Pogo Connect functionality within the app you're using it.  I found getting Paper, to have trouble the first few times I attempted to connect, but once I "re-started" the pen, it was all good. 

Now does it work?  For the most part, yes!  Doing some A|B tests, you can see the subtle differences between when the bluetooth is at play.  Mind my nasty bit of hand-writing, but you'll notice when it's on - there line starts off thin, but goes bold when pressure applied.  Off; you'll notice the line stays pretty constant.  Notice also in the words, "By", "you" and "results", how they are much bolder than the others, there was more pressure applied in these instances.

Screen capture taken from Paper by FiftyThree

Another really cool feature is with the "back" or "undo" button the power button double's as within the Paper App.  Each brush stroke, you can immediately press the button on the pen, and it will undo the last stroke.  This is a great feature, with the exception of if you happen to press too many times, you can't redo the stroke (maybe a feature for later TenOne?)

Now, I'm not an artist, this tool in my hands, will probably be underutilized, but I can see the potential for this device if you're doing artwork or using applications where a brush-stroke beats your finger any day. 

The TenOne Pogo Connect, SRP is $79.95; but Amazon has it for much lower, coming in under $60.  We'd highly recommend this stylus over pretty much all others.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Divoom has released a micro Bluetooth speaker. Bluetune-Solo

We get a lot of Bluetooth speakers to review here at MashButtons, but all have been compact to mid size portable speakers. Divoom has brought it to our attention that there is a niche that prefers their speakers even more compact, and they have provided it in their Bluetune-Solo. This is a small Bluetooth speaker/hands free speakerphone that also supports daisy chaining. The rechargeable battery allows for up to 8 hours of playtime and is available from Divoom in a variety of colors at the price of $49.99.

AOC goes portable with 16 inch USB powered monitor

It has been a long time since we have had a monitor review, just over a year, and now we have our latest from AOC, a 16 inch monitor. Now why would we want to review a monitor almost the size of my laptop screen and half the size of my monitor? To start, this monitor is compact and small enough to be carried around in a laptop bag, powered by a single USB cable, 16:9 ratio display at a 1366x786 resolution, and supports multiple USB monitor connections. Priced comparably to most of the laptop bags I have reviewed, AOC’s USB monitor is available now from a number of retailers online.
At first, I was unsure of how I would use this monitor when my external monitor is already 25 inches, so what use would I have with a monitor that is one inch larger than my MacBook Pro’s screen. Then I plugged it in, just one cord, all you need is the USB cable after installing the driver, and next thing you know, the display is up and running. It is easy to set up my primary and secondary monitor and most of all, just as easy to change the display and set up so that the display appears in either portrait or landscape layout. The portability makes it incredibly easy to take your workplace on the go while traveling, unfortunately it did not come with a sleeve for protection so everytime it goes with me, there is the fear of scratching the screen. The only other change in which pertains to the design is the lack of easy setting adjustment, there are no buttons to adjust contrast and brightness without lenghty fine tuning found on my Mac’s on board display options.
While skeptical at first, I appreciate the opportunity to get my hand on this USB monitor, as it is my latest device I didn’t know that I needed. Whether at home complimenting my much larger monitor or on the go when I know that second monitor is needed, this little packrat is there. What actually ended up happening was my larger monitor went towards playing PS3 games or when I am dabbling in graphic design and the USB monitor became my new laptop screen on my desk while the big one keeps me distracted and available in a clutch. This screen also now goes with me everywhere my laptop does and is almost always attached when my laptop is in use.

MashButtons reviews the water bottle's replacement, the BoomBottle

We have another one for outdoor enthusiasts as Scosche has provided me with the BoomBottle, another weatherproof wireless speaker in which has the unique design of being able to fit inside a bicycle’s water bottle holder. On top of easy transport on bicycles and on the links in the golf carts cupholder or clipped to my bag via included carabiner. The BoomBottle is weatherproof and durable for upcoming poolside entertainment. While on the topic of features, we have two 40mm drivers, pointed at omni directional cones, and accompanied by a passive subwoofer. It is time to see how those features look off paper and what Scosche’s definition of rugged is.

I don’t know about all of you but here in Tempe, we have already hit 100 degrees before May had a chance to turn up the heat, so it is that time to use the swimming pool before it begins to feel like a bathtub. The BoomBottle can easily be a shoe in for an active and outdoor lifestyle based on the design and being constructed to meet IPX4 standards. Connectivity is fast and tells you when connected, there are three buttons on the BoomBottle to play, pause, track forward/back, and volume controls which allows for me to leave my phone in the shade and control the tunes via the Bottle. Knowing that it passed IPX4 standards, I was confident that this device could take some splashing and that it did all while making sure I can hear my playlist while playing volleyball in the pool. It is not quite as loud as some of the other speakers, but it does take a beating and keeps playing at full volume without distortion.
If you are someone with an active lifestyle, particularly mountain biking without headphones, this is a great way to take your playlist with you, knowing there are no cords flapping about and was confident that it can take a fall without skipping a beat. To top it off, there is a built in microphone so it is easy to use just about anywhere as long as it does not get submerged. I was expecting more in terms of the sound volume as most of the time it was used outdoors, the volume was at it’s loudest and could have used just a bit more, both volume and depth as the passive subwoofer does not add much, especially in open areas with loud background noises. While made for easy transport by cycle, it is just as fitting by the pool due to it’s ruggedness and on board controls.

MashButtons reviews Sacred Citadel on the PSN

Our dearest friends at Deep Silver have provided me with a download code for their latest action side scroller. While it was not the Sacred title I am impatiently awaiting for, it is one that will remind many of the glory days of the arcade as it supports up to 3 players coop gameplay, did someone say Golden Axe? It is not only an arcade brawler, but you will see RPG elements throughout gameplay with a unique art element to boot. With four available character's (classes), it is time to head back to the land of Arcania and see if the gameplay compliments the replayability as I attempt to stop the Ashen empire from wiping out the Seraphim.

I must say that the Golden Axe reference was a bit premature, I should have said was similar to this small game you may or may not have heard of called Castle Crashers. Gameplay is rather simple in the beginning, but after the first hour I had leveled up a couple times, learned some sweet combos, and looted dead bodies to upgrade my equipment. Said loot can also be used in town purchase weapons, potions, and shoot the shit with townsfolk between missions. There may not be a lot of depth, but there is entertainment to be had for those that don’t take it for more than it really is. That is a coop brawler and in order for it to keep my attention, I need an online community to play with and a variety of characters to play as with different combat styles.
While I enjoyed my time spent with Sacred Citadel, I do not feel I got to experience the title as it was intended. That would be for the coop, and while the couch coop is fun, sometimes getting a game lined up is hard. I was hoping to be able to find online matches but half the time that I tried, there were no games available and the other half there were only a couple game’s available. However, when I found a match online, I always had fun, and found myself playing multiple games with these new found heroes. Fans of the genre would enjoy this, especially when others are online to share the experience, and will help ease the wait for a similar game in the same category, Dragon’s Crown. I know it will help ease my own wait for Sacred 3, which is what Citadel has got me chomping at the bit for.

Hitcase turns your iPhone into an action camera for a fraction of the cost

We all love action cameras, but it is hard to justify laying down two to four hundred dollars for a camera that can take a beating, when you already own a point and click camera along with a phone that takes comparable if not higher quality images. The Hitcase Pro is the solution to that dilemma with a shockproof and waterproof case that captures those moments you have been missing because you don’t have a waterproof camera or the fear of breaking. Made for wide angled shots, the Pro kits comes with a helmet mount, wrist strap, and tripod/monopod adapter.
The Hitcase Pro opens once the three latches are unfastentened, drop your phone in place, secure, and you are ready to go. This case makes me feel secure with taking my phone with me into hairier situations as it has a rubber shock absorbing layer between case and phone and the surrounding latches to create an airtight fit allowing use for underwater shots or just control music from the comfort of your pool. While all works as advertised, providing a whole new level of security with my phone, there were two items I was not a particular fan of. The first was the size, it was a bit bulky for my liking, so I never left the Hitcase Pro on my phone, only used it as needed. The other is the mount,  while nice and snug when clean, but removing is difficult enough, get dirt in the track or wet and the rail sticks to the mount, taking a fight to remove.

The video app, Vidometer, is a gem in it’s own rite, as it has an overylay providing telometry data to keep your stories beleivable. The app is easy to use as it looks just like camera app but the telemetry data is overlayed to show speed, altitude, G-Meter, heading, latitude, longitude, and best of all it is free. That is not all, as you can also change the telemetry overlay, move it around, and change the color scheme. The Hitcase, while being a bit of an eyesore is still an affordable way to turn your phone into an action camera with a Video Recorder App that does what a number of action cameras on the market currently can not do, and that is provide telemetry. My only word of advice is make sure the rail is clean or it will become difficult to remove from the mount.

Crayola and Griffin team up to the iPad's the Light Marker

We are dropping the target age group a notch for this next review, as it’s target audience is ages three and up but does requires a three to five hundred dollar apple tablet for use. The digital accessory at hand is the Crayola Light Marker, a magic wand (or stylus) for children to draw, color, and interact with a handful of activities. Crayola worked with Griffin to develop this device to get your mini me’s creative juices flowing early with a price tag of $29.99 and compatible with iPad generations 2+ and the iPad mini as the light marker sync’s with the device's’ front facing camera to allow for air drawing to appear on the tablet.
Every once in a while, I get a press release that does not pertain our audience or core interests, but stands out to me as a parent with a teen and family with small children. Growing up Crayola has always been a name in which is associated with colorful art supplies particularly crayons in my household. To start, I had to locate a tiny philips screwdriver to insert the battery, downloaded the free app, synchronized the marker and I was enjoying creative interactive games, probably a bit more than I should have in a total of five minutes. The cool factor definitely comes from the ability to draw in the air less than three feet from the front facing camera and your gestures will be tracked on screen. Unfortunately the device requires dark environment to work best as light makes it harder to track the marker. Being that it is not rechargeable and takes a single AA battery, it does have a feature that automatically powers down after ten minutes without use to save your charge.
In the end, the Crayola Light Marker is a fun interactive tool for children to both learn new technology and help get creative juices flowing. I found the use of this tool to be fun and the activities that are included in the apps were a neat way to pique interest, but the real result is seen on the faces of those using the Light Marker, bold old and young. A compact portable folding iPad stand comes with the Light Marker in case you currently do not have a case that doubles as a stand for usage. In the week which I spent showing the marker off to nieces and non tech savvy family members, the battery still has juice, which is nice because finding a screwdriver that small is never an easy task.