Monday, May 27, 2013

MashButtons Reviews Black Rock Shooter: The Game

We have another game review this time on the PSP, with NIS America’s latest release of Black Rock Shooter The Game, based on a popular animated series and comes in the form of a JRPG. Earth has been beat down by extrarerrestrials, twelve humans stand united, and the last hope of survival BRS, a sort of Leeloo Dallas, a heroine whose sole purpose is as humankind’s savior. While it is a JRPG, survival is based on tactics and reflexes, level up to equip a variety of attacks, and complete missions for guns, costumes, and other unlockables. Black Rock Shooter has downloaded, taking up just over a gig from my memory card, so let’s dive in. 
I had not heard of the series before playing , but I felt that the beginning of the game does a good job of explaining previous events leading up to now, even sparking intrigue to check out the show, if time ever permits. Gameplay was fast and not just mashing buttons, but dodging attacks while making sure your gun doesn’t overheat and you wind up a sitting duck. The learning curve took about 45 minutes or so before opening up what it had to offer and once challenges are completed and unlockables were available, I was hooked. The battles were difficult if you just plan on spamming attacks, hoping the enemy falls before you, blocking and dodging help when timed properly and of course with time comes deeper character progession making it easy to come back over and over again. My only issue is with the appearance as it is grainy looking and bilinear filtering didn’t help on the vita.
I had a lot of fun with Black Rock Shooter The Game for the PSP on my Vita. It had most of the RPG elements to provide hours of entertainment and had a solid story to keep me coming back. Having not watched the series, the game did a good job of providing enough to bring me up to speed while familiarizing myself with the gameplay. While technically it plays great, visually the title looks rather dated and grainy. Anime looks great in HD and had this been provided in the same format of the show, it would have brought additional stimulation. Playthrough took about 12-13 hours and additional missions and mode are made available to keep you coming back for more.