Monday, May 6, 2013

MashButtons reviews Sacred Citadel on the PSN

Our dearest friends at Deep Silver have provided me with a download code for their latest action side scroller. While it was not the Sacred title I am impatiently awaiting for, it is one that will remind many of the glory days of the arcade as it supports up to 3 players coop gameplay, did someone say Golden Axe? It is not only an arcade brawler, but you will see RPG elements throughout gameplay with a unique art element to boot. With four available character's (classes), it is time to head back to the land of Arcania and see if the gameplay compliments the replayability as I attempt to stop the Ashen empire from wiping out the Seraphim.

I must say that the Golden Axe reference was a bit premature, I should have said was similar to this small game you may or may not have heard of called Castle Crashers. Gameplay is rather simple in the beginning, but after the first hour I had leveled up a couple times, learned some sweet combos, and looted dead bodies to upgrade my equipment. Said loot can also be used in town purchase weapons, potions, and shoot the shit with townsfolk between missions. There may not be a lot of depth, but there is entertainment to be had for those that don’t take it for more than it really is. That is a coop brawler and in order for it to keep my attention, I need an online community to play with and a variety of characters to play as with different combat styles.
While I enjoyed my time spent with Sacred Citadel, I do not feel I got to experience the title as it was intended. That would be for the coop, and while the couch coop is fun, sometimes getting a game lined up is hard. I was hoping to be able to find online matches but half the time that I tried, there were no games available and the other half there were only a couple game’s available. However, when I found a match online, I always had fun, and found myself playing multiple games with these new found heroes. Fans of the genre would enjoy this, especially when others are online to share the experience, and will help ease the wait for a similar game in the same category, Dragon’s Crown. I know it will help ease my own wait for Sacred 3, which is what Citadel has got me chomping at the bit for.