Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Leather vs. Aluminum in the iPhone 5 case showdown

I love when we have a face off, getting two products for the same device, what better time to go head to head and see which will stand victorious. The two items we have are iPhone 5 cases, the first is the Beamhaus Case brought to us by Griffin and the other is the Gasket by id America. Both are slim fitting and uniquely styled, built for dads and grads. Who will be left standing of the two, the sleek and sylish Beamhaus case with Horween Dublin leather or the Gasket which resembles one side of a V8 engine block?

The Gasket speeds in front of Beamhaus with the shiny aluminum case thats wraps nicely around my iPhone 5. The car nut in me loves this case and anyone familiar with cars will notice this case in an instant. I was not a fan of the Gasket case for the iPhone 4/4S, but with the 5’s larger size, the case looks much more like a high perform auto part. The cuts were also sharper in the smaller phone model which made me apprehensive at first, but along with beefing up the design, the edges were smoothed to prevent the feel of shaving from knuckles or fingertips reaching into my pockets. Lastly there is a thin foam padding on the inside to make sure my phone fits snugly without rattling while embracing my Iphone.

Next up we have the sleek and very elegant Beamhaus Case. This is the grown up case of the two and visually stands out with the soft Horween Dublin leather. The case wraps around the phone in a slim black plastic case with a soft rubber texture, unfortunately black is the only option for those of you sporting the white iPhone 5. The case fit nice and snug, snapping into place with no loose rattles and lays flat when placed on its back, although with this case, I always kept it face down. Lastly, in the back where the opening for the camera and flash is a little large and immediately stood out to me as you can see the two tone appearance of the phone. I have noticed when manufacturers try to prevent the gaping hole, picture quality suffers and I would prefer the high quality pictures in which the phone was intent to provide.

At the end of the day, the Beamhaus Case stood out to me and my inner grown up, with the subtle black case and soft brown leather. My inner child and upcoming midlife crisis self loved id America’s Gasket, especially how far it has come since it was originally seen at CES last year, but as someone that uses their phone for work, it is high time to retire those Mario and Wolverine cases, and dress to impress. Due to some active hobbies this case was usually removed when outdoors in the open heat as my only fear with this brown leather phone-glove is that it will begin to separate from the case.