Monday, May 6, 2013

AOC goes portable with 16 inch USB powered monitor

It has been a long time since we have had a monitor review, just over a year, and now we have our latest from AOC, a 16 inch monitor. Now why would we want to review a monitor almost the size of my laptop screen and half the size of my monitor? To start, this monitor is compact and small enough to be carried around in a laptop bag, powered by a single USB cable, 16:9 ratio display at a 1366x786 resolution, and supports multiple USB monitor connections. Priced comparably to most of the laptop bags I have reviewed, AOC’s USB monitor is available now from a number of retailers online.
At first, I was unsure of how I would use this monitor when my external monitor is already 25 inches, so what use would I have with a monitor that is one inch larger than my MacBook Pro’s screen. Then I plugged it in, just one cord, all you need is the USB cable after installing the driver, and next thing you know, the display is up and running. It is easy to set up my primary and secondary monitor and most of all, just as easy to change the display and set up so that the display appears in either portrait or landscape layout. The portability makes it incredibly easy to take your workplace on the go while traveling, unfortunately it did not come with a sleeve for protection so everytime it goes with me, there is the fear of scratching the screen. The only other change in which pertains to the design is the lack of easy setting adjustment, there are no buttons to adjust contrast and brightness without lenghty fine tuning found on my Mac’s on board display options.
While skeptical at first, I appreciate the opportunity to get my hand on this USB monitor, as it is my latest device I didn’t know that I needed. Whether at home complimenting my much larger monitor or on the go when I know that second monitor is needed, this little packrat is there. What actually ended up happening was my larger monitor went towards playing PS3 games or when I am dabbling in graphic design and the USB monitor became my new laptop screen on my desk while the big one keeps me distracted and available in a clutch. This screen also now goes with me everywhere my laptop does and is almost always attached when my laptop is in use.