Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Cartel gets box art and screenshots

Ubi just released a handful of assets for the July 19th release of Call of Juarez: The Cartel. The Cartel is the present day wild west in a FPS that takes you, the player, from Los Angeles to Juarez on a journey to take out a drug cartel. New to the series is coop mode and two new multiplayer modes along with classic team deathmatch pitting cops against criminals, emphasizing teamwork with 6 on 6 capability. The Cartel will be available on July 19th.

What could be more disturbing than the Blockbuster baby?

Easy, the Rocksmith baby, baby! In a great viral marketing video shows a ginger and a baby playing a jam session on a real guitar playing Rocksmith. Though equally cute and awesome, the baby throwing up the horns in the end is pretty epic.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bodycount has a release date and pack shot

One of the games we got to see and touch at E3 was Bodycount, from Codemasters. I have a spot in my heart for Codemasters' driving games but when it comes to their shooters, Operation Flashpoint, I have found them decent but not standout titles. Bodycount, however, was a fun, run and gun shooter and now we have a date to see it hit store shelves and that date is now August 30th, adding to the list of big summer titles coming out.

Square Enix releases Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots

I am at a loss for words on this post. We have received a handful of screen shots for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2 and since this is a Square Enix title, there was no doubt that they would look gorgeous. However, after giving up on playing through the original XIII, there is still doubt as to whether the gameplay mechanics will be fixed.

Calibur11 and Epic Games make sarcophagus for 360 slim

I had not heard of the name Calibur11 until I get a press release stating they are teaming up with Epic Games. This immediately sparked interest and what i found was frighteningly awesome. This company makes vaults for the Xbox 360 slim and while some look awesome and some mediocre, this Gears of War 3 vault, looks damn amazing. Priced at a hefty 90 dollars, each box contains a chance to win an authentic COG armor suit replica.

Beyond Good & Evil get reincarnated in HD

I am a fan of the original Beyond Good & Evil that was released on the PS2, but guess what? You don't need a first gen PS3 to play it, as Ubisoft has released the HD remake of the title for the PSN, only problem if you already have the disk, you have to dish out $9.99. Here is the launch trailer to see how far this title has come visually.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monte Carlo tracks available now for DiRT 3

DiRT fans, me included, can once again rejoice. Because not only has it sold one million copies, uploaded over 150 thousand youtube highlights, 292 years worth of driving, and 150 million miles traveled, it has also released its second DLC. This pack is a Monte Carlo track pack available now for the 360 and tomorrow for the PS3. The pack consists of 8 rally stages in a number of conditions to master and destroy online. The cost of this DLC is 800 MS Points and $9.99 on PSN.

Driver San Francisco gets dev diary and background

So, this is a title I would love to hear more about and unfortunately Ubisoft has been pretty tight lipped about. That is until now. We got the below developer video and from the sounds of it, there will be a significant amount of story involved. But what about the Matrix highway scene feature? Yes, the out of car experience that lets you pull off some Mr. Anderson style moves is not addressed, but because this is the first dev diary, I am sure there is more to come.

Warlords gets a character trailer

Atari has just released it's character trailer for the upcoming summer downloadable Warlords. The trailer shows off its cutesy characters while showing off a touch of gameplay. This appears to be a graphically enhanced remake of the original, and after playing a couple rounds at E3, I think its another welcome remake to a classic.

Monday, June 27, 2011

1st dev diary released for F1 2011

As the racer of the buttons crew, I got to review F1 2010 and though it was solid it was also missing something. That polish and technique the seemed absent in the previous year has definitely made its presence known in the half hour I spent with the developers at E3 and from what was seen in the below video. This is a great example of listening to your audience and taking action.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mechs and arachnids show up in new EDF trailer

D3 Publisher has released a new trailer for their upcoming release of Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon. The new trailer shows of the multiple gameplay features, insects, and newly shown, mechs because what could be more effective against a giant ant than a huge rocket launching robot?

Turn your avatar into Agent 47

IO Interactive has just released avatar items to dress up your Xbox or PSN avatar to look like Agent 47 from the Hitman series. You can now stylize your avatar with the killer dapper threads seen worn by the famous cleaner.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cubic Ninja, review of the buttonless game

So for you that are unaware of Ubisoft's recent release Cubic Ninja for the 3DS, I am about to drop some knowledge on you. In Cubic Ninja, you take on the character, CC, a little ninja cube plagued with having to make his way through a hundred puzzles, filled with traps and multi-sided foes in order to save the kingdom’s abducted princess. Okay so it is a puzzle game, so what, well this is a game with no buttons, and no, the force is not involved. The little ninja is controlled by tilting the 3DS…please hold all questions as I will probably address them shortly. Before you make any judgment on whether or not you want to save the princess on a buttonless, motion controlled quest, I will let you know how my experience with the cute little puzzler went and hopefully address any questions regarding my playthrough.

So to start, the game is not in 3D when using the motion control to play through the 5 levels, which each contain 20 stages or puzzles. This is a good thing for any of you that have spent time with the 3DS know that movement of the unit causes you to lose the 3D effect and gain a headache. Now for the caveat, you can play in 3D with the circular pad if you go into the options, which is what I preferred. The playthrough was fun, lasting maybe 3-4 hours to get through, but there is a lot of replay value to unlock items for the level creator. Yup, I left that out of the features on purpose, you can create, share, and download puzzles via QR codes, equating to a likeness found in Little Big Planet with unlimited play options depending on the community. I did create my own little level with the items received after the third section and it was pretty easy and intuitive, for making a 3D stage. Lastly, CC is not the only playable character; you will unlock other ninjas, each with their own unique control characteristics to help lower times on previous completed levels.

I think anyone that has read my reviews on Wii titles that do not make good use of the motion controls knows my take on the feature. I don’t like it. The motion controls are not bad in this game, however I am not a flexible person, and I am not sure if it is just me, but playing through the first 20 levels without buttons had me twisting my arms and neck into what can either be classified as a seizure or unidentified yoga positions. The good side of the motion controls aside from how accurate it felt was passing the 3DS to my wife and daughter, sneaking pictures from the phone for later ridicule. The biggest let down was the online community as there is not much in the way of downloadable level and sure you can find some QR codes out there for it if you scour the interwebs, but nowhere near the ease of locating and downloading like that found in other games, ahem…Little Big Planet. There is a boss on the 20th stage of each level and though some easier than others, but at times due to the movement mechanics, can be pretty frustrating, but isn’t that what bosses are put into games for?

Cubic Ninja is a rather enjoyable game from start to finish. The 3D effects worked really well when using the circle pad. Though short, it is almost more fun to go back and try to beat times, find scrolls, and try different levels with the unlocked ninjas as each has their own unique gameplay characteristic, giving the upper hand on some stages. This is a solid puzzle game, and though it does have unlockables and challenges to keep you coming back for more, it is not a platformer in which I and some may have expected upon purchasing, but is a rather pleasant surprise none the less.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What is Square doing to market Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

The uber mega super duper Square Enix has launched QR Missions for fans of the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolutions. If this is greek to you, it means that they are using QR codes for a scavenger hunt to up the hype for their upcoming Deus Ex title. But why would this interest you, well, if you get the app on your iOS or android device and go to, you can get the first code to participate in the hunt giving you an opportunity to win some cool swag and prizes listed in the details below.

·For each code scanned, users receive an item immediately including special game footage, secret codes to unlock in-game doors, “Augment Yourself” codes and other assets and info from the game.

·The first 1,000 participants to find 10 codes will receive an exclusive theme for their preferred platform (either the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft or the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system). These themes will be available for sale at a later date.

·If the collective score for all participants reaches 1,000,000 points before August 23 (the North American release date), all registered participants in the DXHR QR MISSIONS Scavenger Hunt will receive an exclusive item for their Xbox LIVE Avatar or for PlayStation®Home. This item will be a toy version of the in-game “B-EE Chopper” that will appear as an Avatar prop item for their Xbox LIVE Avatar and will be available as a companion that follows the user within PlayStation®Home.

·The first 10 participants to collect ALL 21 QR codes will receive the following prize package:

o One (1) copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition (system based upon original console selection)

o One (1) pair of Custom Deus Ex: Human Revolution headphones

o One (1) SQUARE ENIX PRODUCTS PLAY ARTS –KAI- Adam Jensen Action Figure

o One (1) Deus Ex: Human Revolution Limited Edition Compression Sleeve

Mortal Kombat Gets New Kombatant Today

Thats right MK fans, today you can now download Skarlet as a playable fighter in this years best fighting title(in my opinion). This buxom dagger wielding babe will set you back $4.99 on the PSN and 400 MS Points on the 360. Skarlet is the first of four downloadable fighters for the game, and as a little thank you from the folks at NetherRealm, is a kompatibility pack with features two klassic skins, MK3's inspired Cyrax and Sektor.

Alice: Madness Returns | Review

Back in the year 2000, when everyone was scared and murmuring about Y2K, there was a gem of a PC title released titled "American McGee's Alice".  A third-person action platformer set in a very twisted version of Wonderland taking place years after Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  Fast forward 11 years, when everyone is scared about the Apocalypse, and we finally have a sequel, this time, the name has been simplified.  Alice: Madness Returns.  Clearly, this is an Alice in Wonderland game, but gone is the reference to American McGee.  That's probably a good thing.  Not to discount him in any way, however the average gamer probably has no idea who he is; however it was his studio, Spicy Horse (interestingly enough based in Shanghai) who has brought us the follow-up we're talking about today.

Starting up the title, I'm immediately reminded of the striking visual style that which the game is known.  It's very old-timey Victorian, mixed with a steam-punk-meets Tim Burton style when you actually enter Wonderland.  This isn't the kid-friendly version you'll want to share with your children with.  This is the dark, seedier interpretation of Wonderland, complete with an evil anorexic looking Cheshire Cat, demented evil, and unspeakable madness driving it all.  The game picks up right after the first left off (which you can download and play for free if you purchased a new copy, otherwise, it's just $10 [800MS points] to play the original title, that was only for PC's before), and you've been placed under the care of a psychiatrist at a local orphanage.  Upon one of your daily walks, you encounter a white cat, and not a rabbit, but you, being the traumatized young woman you are, feel it's a good idea to follow this white cat.  This turns out to not be such a good idea...but then we wouldn't have a game to play.

Soon you're thrust back into Wonderland, picking up the familiar Vorpal Blade, and gaining the ability to shrink on command (a handy tool, I might add, and one you'll find yourself using alot to locate hidden key-rooms, and other various secrets).

Gameplay is a mix of third-person action, third-person platforming, and puzzle solving.  In later chapters, there's even a mini-game in which you play a side-scrolling shooter, in which you have to shoot cannons or drop mines to battle under-water sharks and other enemies.  As you progress, you pick up teeth, which act as the in-game currency, allowing you to upgrade your weapons to higher levels.  You begin with the Vorpal Blade, but you'll soon be firing long-range with the Pepper-Grinder, and then others will show such as an umbrella and a toy horse, each having a unique purpose and one that plays out often during the chapters you acquire them.

The mission structure (as it's called) is pretty straight-forward.  You're trying to stop the spread of madness, and in turn you're looking for a train, and to get there, you're interacting with classic characters, the aforementioned Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the Duchess, and even the Red Queen.  Each chapter has you interacting with a different part of Wonderland, and the environments vary greatly.

Graphics are using the Unreal Engine 3, like most titles this generation, however, it's a little rough around the edges.  There's noticeable pop-in, and texture fill, as the game loads.  We haven't tried installing the game to see if that improves at all.  Though it's hardly a dealbreaker, it does feel a little more first-gen for the Unreal Engine 3, rather than where we should be 6 years into the code.  Don't get me wrong, the graphics are great, there are just a little rough tech edges.

Controls also felt, at least to me, and at first, a little rough.  They're not as smooth as we've all become accustomed to over the years, however, after about 30 minutes or playing, it all felt natural, like your hand muscles just come crawling back to the good old days.

Audio is pretty nice, with a great soundtrack, overall decent voice work, and ambient environmental effects that really draw you into the madness. gives Alice Madness Returns a 7.5 out of 10.  The game is actually pretty awesome, and has with it, great style, and a unique re-telling/interpretation of the familiar Alice formula.  Minor tech/graphics issue really bar this title from being over an 8.0, however the inclusion of the original as a downloadable option is a real treat. 

Alice: Madness Returns is now available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC

Friday, June 17, 2011

Look under the Lego's with latest Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean video

Disney Interactive and TT (Travelers Tales) just released a new video featuring some behind-the-scenes footage of LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean.

"Snapshots of Gameplay" is specific showcasing various gameplay styles depending on what character you're playing with.  You can expect unique gameplay elements for each and every character, Good or Bad.

So join us and join Jonathan Smith (Head of Production) in the embedded video below see all of the exciting elements of this game.  If you need further proof, you can always re-read our review here, because nothing is more intoxicating, than the written word.  NOTHING!

Though not mentioned in this video, apparently there's a "secret" level if you collect all of the gold bricks, that is a recreation of the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, but in Lego form!  Bravo TT, Bravo!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starting tomorrow, Redbox will rent games

Starting tomorrow, Redbox regulars will see that they will be able to rent games. Wait what?!?! Yes it is true, you will be able to rencent recently released titles at the rate of two dollars a day from over 21,000 locations. Well what games are available you say? Take a look from the list below.

·Brink (PS3, X360)
·Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3, X360, Wii)
·Duke Nukem Forever (PS3, X360)
·Family Party: 90 Great Games (Wii)
·Infamous 2 (PS3)
·Just Dance 2 (Wii)
·LA Noire (PS3)
·Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game (X360, Wii)
·Michael Jackson: The Experience (Wii)
·Red Faction: Armageddon (PS3, X360)
·Rio (Wii)
·Transformers: Dark of the Moon (PS3, X360, Wii)
·You Don’t Know Jack (X360)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shadows of the Damned Trailer

This game looks a bit freaky, but hell it is a game from Suda 51 and the Resident Evil guru Shinji Mikami and if that doesn't interest you, I don't know what possibly can.  EA released another trailer, this time showcasing a boss-battle with a feathery no-name.  The video has some choice language and is of the mature variety, and unfortunately we don't have an age-gate video player yet (something we need to change!), so I'd love to point you in a direction, let me be your Shadows of the Damned compass!

Then come back sometime next week when we get our hands on the title, that's due out Tuesday, June 21st.

Impressions of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

On our second day of E3 2011, we were lucky enough to have some schedule time with the Bethesda team, and since we missed their party from the previous night (extenuating circumstances prevented); we were excited to check out their games on display.  In this case, we're solely focusing on the follow-up to 2006's Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion; SKYRIM.  We had a prompt 4:00 meeting time, that we rushed from the South Hall to get to.  Good think we booked it, since they were starting right at 4:00 and if you missed it (nor wasn't on the list) you weren't getting in.  After sorting it all out, we were seated in a private (but fairly large) room with a large screen simply teasing "SKYRIM".

The developers then continued to spend the next 30 minutes in sort of a director's commentary mode, walking through a few parts of the game, showing gameplay, the menu system, and giving overall insight while the entire audience sat there drooling and simultaneously setting our count-down timers for 11-11-11.

That being said, here are the highlights of our extensive note taking.  Development of SKYRIM began with a new engine dubbed "Creation Engine" after the release of Fallout 3 (proper) about 3 years ago.  Bethesda has painstakingly created a world that surpasses that of Cyrodiil in terms of graphics, atmosphere and overall depth.  I used to think that Oblivion had some of the best graphics on this generations systems, my memory serves me that it still does, but after looking at the graphics again now, and seeing what they're doing with the Creation Engine, they've certainly raised the notch a few degrees

Bethesda opened up on the expansive new land, and proceeded to demonstrate weapon changing, magic selection, and even their completely revamped menu system.  Their UI has been completely re-written so you don't feel like "you're managing a spreadsheet" while you play, and have tried to blend it more with the game itself.  For example, when you review your skills, you look towards the stars and each "skill" is a different constellation, just a great use of UI! 

Lets us not forget the giant 4,000lb elephant in the room, and that's the DRAGONS!  They are pretty huge, and when you fight them, it's like it's own mini boss fight, with unique AI to each, there's no "pattern" to watch and find weakness, but you use all of your magic, and your shouts and your weapons to take down these beautiful creatures, and when you finally do, (and since your Dragonborn) you'll absorb the Dragon spirits which will grant you further "shouts" to have at your disposal.

Not to forget dynamic weather effects, more realistic faces and more variety in voices and NPC's, this title is truly shaping up to be a must have come November, then it's one you'll sink another 100+ hours to fully explore...we welcome the challenge guys!

X-Men Destiny Trailer | E3 2011

So another game (besides the Raiding of Tombs) came out of left-field for me at this year's E3 and that was a new Activision title X-Men Destiny for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 due out this fall.  Again, another "behind-the-scenes" look with Activision garnered us about 30 minutes with the team showing us their latest creation.

Knowing nothing about the game, it appears you play as a "unique" mutant, not one from X-Men canon, but one that you will "personalize" as you play and interact with all in the universe as you make your way towards deciding which mutants to side with.

The team showed off some playable levels and how the choices you make will affect the branching storylines depending on which side you choose.  This one also looks really good.  It was after the end of the demo, that I realized that Denis Dyack was in the back of the room, and I realized this was being developed by Silicon Knights.  I have faith this one actually has some legs (unlike Too Human which suffered from legacy issues, and frame rates, etc).  SK really has a pretty decent track record for games, most forget they were responsible for the great Legacy of Kain series, and even Eternal Darkness on the Nintendo GameCube.  I'm definitely looking forward to this one.

Check out the launch trailer below.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SEGA releases live-action trailer for Rise of Nightmares | Kinect (updated)

SEGA has released a new trailer for their upcoming Kinect-Only horror title Rise of Nightmares due out later this year.  Since it's a live-action, there's no real in-game images here, but they're really trying to sell the creep-factor.  We had a chance to check out the title on the show floor (via that nifty VIP pass above), and it's difficult to say how the end result will play out, but heck, they're taking some chances, and we like chance-taking folks!

See the video below!

Bethesda Announces Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Anniversary Pack | Re-release

This is the box art from the last Collectors Edition, not the super awesome 5th Anniversary Limited Edition.
As if Bethesda doesn't already have enough going on, (they had a pretty impressive booth in the West hall of this year's E3), they're coming up on the 5th Anniversary of their last Elder Scrolls title, Oblivion.  So to get you all hot and bothered on the incredibly looking Skyrim, you can go back to Tamriel and all of their expansion packs starting July 12th.

For a SRP of just $29.99, this is HUGE with a literal WORLD of content and all of the expansion packs including;
  • Knights of the Nine
  • Shivering Isles
This is all wrapped up in a nice collector's steelbook embossed with Daedric symbols, a behind-the-scenes "making of" documentary, and a full-color map of Cyrodiil and The Shivering Isles.  Lastly, it includes a $10 off coupon for the upcoming Skyrim and strategy guide.  This is truly a collectors piece, it would be awesome if they made these limited edition, and numbered for the true collector, but we're unsure of any "limited" quantities here.  We'll post images as soon as we get some from Bethesda, and look forward to sharing with you!

For fun - we've also posted the original launch trailer for Oblivion after the break, to get your warm and fuzzies all, well, warm and fuzzy.  Nostalgia is awesome!

MashButtons does just that and looting in Dungeon Seige III review

It is time for MashButtons to review another dungeon crawler, this time in the form or a disk based game rather than a download. Obsidian made and Square Enix published action RPG with online coop capabilities, Dungeon Siege III, has just released and we have had a full week with this title on the PS3, so let’s get the basics out of the way before I get to the meat and potatoes of the experience. You pick one of four Legionnaires, protectors of Ehb, similar to the Grey Wardens in Dragon Age, who have been betrayed and almost wiped out to the brink of extinction. Like others in the genre you are able to develop your character to fit your play style, loot, button mash your melee, plan your moves based on your energy, quest, and more loot. With all the Diabl-esque titles recently being released in the form of downloadable on XBLA and PSN, is it worth it now a days to pay full retail price to get what some would call the same content for a quarter of the price?

So far, I am going to have to go with yes. Admittedly, if you are not sure which character you are going to play as, this may be the toughest decision made in this game. I decided to play through as Anjali, you know since she is a vixen, good with a staff, and likes to play with fire. The gameplay was smooth and I do not recall coming across any bugs or glitches in my single player play through. The multiplayer is rather hit or miss, depending who you are playing with. If you are playing with friends that have the same goals and intentions you will really enjoy the coop gameplay. If you do not play online, you will not miss the coop as you can play couch coop, which played really well, and if you are the type that would rather play with yourself, you will get assistance from NPC's throughout the story. The graphics look great and think the environment design along with the character animations, and fluidity when things get hectic is what makes the game play so well in comparison to others out there in the same genre. There really isn't much in the way of load times that I noticed, not enough to deter playing like that which I encountered during another recent review, which may mostly be due to the installation of the game to the hard drive on the PlayStation 3.

Now to the other side of the online coop gameplay and a couple other issues encountered. There are two ways to play online coop, join a match or have others join you game, I have been focusing on having others join me until I have my character build figured out. Playing with strangers runs a huge risk of encountering some...well, for lack of a better word, jerks. Whether speeding through areas they have played through already, messing with your loot stash, or lack of support, it is bound to happen here and there, but as I said before, it is hit or miss. It is a large world in this land of Ehb, but is rather linear in terms of maps, Where in a similar title, Sacred 2, It was an open world environment, not a big issue, just less exploration than I would have thought. Also, this is an Obsidian titles, which means there are decisions to be made, you know, those of us that have played such titles as Alpha Protocol, Fallout: New Vegas, and Knights of the Old Republic Dos, but I felt as if your decisions didn't impact the story as much, making morale questions easier to answer.

I am happy the Dungeon Siege III released on a console. The high def dungeon crawling typically seen on handhelds, has been really trying to breakthrough as of recently, and though most are fun though without multiplayer, or have multiplayer with numerous bugs, this will hopefully bring new life to the genre so we can see Diablo III on consoles. Being a newcomer to the Dungeon Siege series, I didn't feel lost at all playing through the third entry, and had enough fun to go back and start a new character, so there is a lot of replay value here, doubt I will try all four, but will enjoy the looting and multiplayer for as far as I get.

Power suits are for MashButtons in this Duke Nukem Forever Review

It is that time, you know the time you have been waiting 12 years for...the release of Duke Nukem Forever, and now we get to see if it was worth the wait. In Forever, you assume the role of the FPS badass, Duke Nukem, king of the one liner, strip clubs, and an all-around ladies’ man. This time around, aliens have invaded earth once again to steal the women of earth. This of course does not fly with Duke and he must step away from his built empire to what he does best, kick ass and chew bubble gum. In Forever, you once again have the over the top weapons, you know because Duke can bench press more than 600 pounds, interactive items in the environments, online multiplayer, and boobs.

Duke fans, this is the game we have been waiting for. Say what you will about it, but it is a Duke Nukem title from start to finish, from the babes to the crude humor to the graphic violence; it is what we all hoped for. The game play is fast and frantic, while I had to turn down the control sensitivity quite a bit like in Borderlands, another Gearbox title, but once dialed with the kid and wife sent to bed, it was time to kick some ass. The story is much like Duke’s past titles, save the world, get the girls, say some messed up stuff and do it all over again. However, it seems like this is an Easter egg hunt as much as it is a first person shooter, with numerous references to other current shooters out there, blatantly telling it like it is. New to the game though is the online multiplayer. Less than an hour after its release, I was finding matches with no problem, whether starting a custom match, quick match, or locating a specific game in the lobby. It is much like other online shooters in regards to online play but I saw familiar locales from past Duke entries, everyone has the opportunity for the same weapons, no level perks or additional weapons, but you do level up and complete challenges, to dress Duke up in new digs to show off so your Groucho Marks glasses are the last thing your enemy sees when you punch him dead.

The bad, yes, there are some issues in which I had during my playthrough of both online and single player. The first being the graphics, it looks like they used the original engine that the game was built on giving it a dated look. The load times are pretty bad in this game, so remember, don’t die. Whether it is multiplayer or single player, you may want to have your iPad or iPhone ready to do some browsing and check email while waiting. There also isn’t much in the way of weapons, you have your pistol, rifle, machine gun, sniper rifle, and rocket launcher, and all of these work but it just seems like there is a lot more out there in other shooters. Lastly, which I am sure or at least hoping this gets resolved, but among all of the multiplayer matches played, lag was encountered at least once if not more in each match, which isn’t too bad as long as it corrects itself, but is frustrating when you have an opponent in your crosshairs, and they disappear from your sites, but if you have some pipe bombs and an RPG, there is hell to pay.

All in all, Duke Nukem Forever is what I have been waiting for. I can see it not being enjoyed or as welcomed by those that have not played or grew up on the Duke titles. But myself, who has and still plays Duke 3D on my iPad, found this to be the title I have been hoping for over the last decade. It also says a lot for Gearbox and the amount of effort put in to make their games fun and easy to come back to whether you put it down for a month or a year, like Borderlands, Duke Nukem Forever is a title I will keep playing over time and want to give out a thanks for keeping the franchise alive.