Sunday, June 12, 2011

Agent 47 couldn't look more pissed in Hitman Absolution

I what may have been the hottest (temperature) room in the conference hall, I was given a peek at some of the action, visuals, and brains necessary to complete a mission. Being told that this time around, the development team has built this title with a new in house engine and an intelligence spectrum system to improve AI. In the mission, you are in an abandoned library being hunted by the police and you need to make your way out by any means necessary, but because you are vastly outnumbered, it is going to take a lot of thought and creativity. I saw what looked like a mode that shows the police through walls along with their expected movements should you not get spotted, and I must say this felt like the alternative vision mode in Arkham Asylum.In the short time spent, I saw objects like cords, busts, human shields, guns, and bongs. Also in regards to disguise, Agent 47 took the uniform of the police officer and also ate donuts to help look inconspicuous. From the gameplay demo, the title looks incredibly cinematic, with loud fast music playing during the heat of action sequences.

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