Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dominic and Kevin playing Prime World | E3 2011

So, our very first meeting for E3 2011 (after Nintendo's Press Conference) was down in the meeting rooms of the concourse hall.  This time we're hitting up Nivel to showcase their newest title, Prime World. This hybrid of a casual and hard-core strategy game actually caught me off guard.  There are many roles you can play, from supportive, where you're just playing some casual Zuma-like mini-games to being on the front lines and in the fray battling for flags to own the land.  Nival was super-hospitable, and they were a great team to meet and get to know.  Here's some of our play-time with the team.

Check out the images after the break.  We'll have our full impressions and more screens from the title posted soon.

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