Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dragon's Nest hands on from Nexon

Back in the hotel, 11 PM and now it is time to post all the good stuff seen and played on the show floor. First up is Nexon's booth, title Dragon's Nest. After basically being told grab a drink, come to the computer and lets get it on, it was on. Dragon's Nest is a MMO Fantasy RPG that has the cutesy anime look to the characters and we we played on a 2 on 2 match. Both keyboard and gamepad controls were available, but when in Rome, you have to go keyboard. My input after ruling the match by frantically clicking with the opposition in the cross hairs and using the special moves assigned to the number keys was that I had fun, and as a fan of the console titles primary and never getting hooked on MMO's that takes a lot. That or I am finally succumbing to the trend.

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