Sunday, June 12, 2011

2K Games are a bunch of show offs!

Someone had to say it, so I figure it would be me. The reason behind this is due to the two games I got see the developers play a level of. The two games, well those would be XCOM and Darkness II, both are FPS titles by different developers but equally awesome to fans of both franchises.

The first XCOM, still a strategy based combat game, that allows you to not only control the main character but also a handpicked team of your liking, to take on an alien threat. The preview started with a vintage film reel of an instance of aliens wreaking havoc on a citizens. It is based in 1962, so you get that vintage look of towns, cars, and weaponry...that is until you acquire the alien technology to upgrade your weaponry. There were a number of missions to choose from to help prevent it feeling like a linear game. The aliens were also seen, looking like a weird Max Headroom look, with that blocky pixel look that seems to change form along with terraforming the environments. My time spent watching a play through of a mission was very enjoyable, especially being a fan of the original, but this time around it feels like a 1st person RTS with a lot of potential.

Next up was Darkness II, which I have to admit I am extremely happy to see this sequel because the first Darkness was actually my first 360 title, purchased used for less than ten dollars and was blown away. Well the second doesn't disappoint and here is why. You are now the Don if a mafia family and after keeping the Darkness at bay, it resurfaces after an organization called the Brotherhood is pursuing Jackie to try and get the Darkness power. The quad wielding gameplay is back and looks faster than ever and the environment of the level seen takes place in what looks like a run down carnival.The graphics looks different as it was given a noire look to provide a more comic book feel. Of course the darklings are back as well to help and most of all provide the lewd comic relief seen in the original. Ibe thing I noticed is that you can use multiple objects to kill and points are awarded for this that can later be used to get new abilities. The executions were graphic and awesome, the gameplay looked worlds faster than the last and from the mission I saw, it was non stop action.

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