Sunday, June 12, 2011

Halfbrick Studios makes you forget how ridiculous you look

The studio that brought you Fruit Ninja will be expanding their reach. By adding Facebook and Kinect to their list of ways to slice fruit. Though I did not try Fruit Ninja Frenzy on Facebook, I did get some time to play a two player session on the Kinect with Joey. While looking absolutely ridiculous throwing my arms around like I was having a seizure, it was indeed a blast to play.
Joey playing Fruit Ninja Kinect

Since we had to take a seat to catch our breath after a special kid's workout session, Halfbrick did didn't waste the opportunity to show off another title. Machine Gun Jetpack, yes, when it comes to names, this studio just tells it like it is. Machine Gun Jetpack is just that, a player is controlled by pressing a finger to the iPad screen in our case to make the character fly above the enemies firing a barage of bullets to take them out and increase altitude. Simple enough but fun as hell, I didn't want it to come to this but I think devices like iPhone are much more convenient to play on.

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