Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nintendo Press Conference Consists Of This!

So as we wait for the actual show to begin, what do we do to kill time? Well thats a no brainer with the Nintendo press conference to begin shortly, pull out the 3DS and watch the spot pass start blowing up. But I digress as the show is about to begin and I will let you know some of what was addressed before going to the media lounge to post this due to a LOT of people slowing down the wifi to 28.8 dial speeds.

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The show has started so on with the coverage. The lights dim and out comes a choir and orchestra teasing us with some Zelda songs and sounds. But this is not what we came for. What we came for was the unveiling of some of the the Nintendo titles for the 3DS. Such as Mario Kart, expected over the holiday showing off hangliders, underwater levels, and custom carts. Then came Super Mario 3D, built from scratch, all I can say is Damn. Star Fox started with "Do a barrel roll!" but featured motion controls, group play and camera interaction. Luigi's Mansion 2 has more vacuum sucking, power and more than one mansion. Lastly, there was Kid Icarus, which had a Space Harrier, Star Fox look, also with online play.

Now for the Wii U, that's right, that is the name of the new console that allows you to switch from tv to the screen on the controller. What is also does is video calls, browsing, HD, 6.2 inch screen on the controller, backwards compatibility and will be out in 2012. On with the show!

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