Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DOA: Dimensions gets a MashButtons Review

The second fighting title for the 3DS has been out for about a week now and with its release being just before Blazblue hits store shelves, it's got some pretty stiff competition. It is beginning to feel like the 3DS is a solid platform for fighting titles and DOA is another great example of why. Team Ninja is back with the Dead or Alive franchise, this time around toting new features like 3D of course along with multiplayer, both local and online, one on one and tag matches, and a roster consisting of 20 fighters. But most notably for new comers to series and fans of the series is the ability to relive the story lines from the original up through the latest release, Dead or Alive 4. So let's get the show started and see if we finally have a title to take Super Street Fighter IV off its pedestal.

To start, this is like if not better than playing any of the previous Dead or Alive titles, in terms of graphics and gameplay. The storyline is nothing new but is nice to play the previous versions of the games on a portable device. The thing I liked most is the controls, as it is not as easy to spam specials against your opponents like in Super Street Fighter IV. The online matches are easy to find although I think that either players are better or the specials are harder as it is harder to win the online matches. 3D visuals are more subtle so it adds depth without straining your eyes after prolonged gameplay. There is a lot of replay value with the online gameplay, but the biggest reason for continuously picking up and playing Dimensions is the scheduled DLC and challenges, so you continuously get free costumes and challenges to keep things fresh, that and the bouncing boobies.

The bad, well first off would be the story. I am not the first to say that stories in fighting games lack substance as it is hard to enjoy watching a long cutscene only to play a one to two minute fight just to watch another cutscene. Sure the stories over the course of the series are not bad, but there is not enough gameplay to justify the amount of cutscenes. Also, I had to play through the chronicle in order unlock other fighters to be used online so you are pushed into playing through the stories to play as your favorite fighters online. Luckily, you can skip the cutscenes to move onto the next match. I did not notice much in the way of bugs or lag, but there is still lag and does not play quite as smoothly as the 3DS launch fighter, Super Street Fighter IV.

All in all, this is my go to fighting title for the 3DS as I had always liked the series, it looks great, the girls kick high, it isn’t hard to find matches online, and have played about as much as I can of SSFIV. Though it is not the best fighter out there, but is a good transition for those that are getting tired of Super Street Fighter IV. Also, with BlazBlue coming out next week, I am not sure how it will hold up in the collection of 3D fighters, but is definitely a contender with the free DLC costumes and challenges. I give DOA: Dimensions an 8 out of 10, and hope to see you online against my Hyabusa and Tina.

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