Monday, June 13, 2011

Nox Audio shows off their cans

I love me some good headphone, Turtle Beach for console play when the family goes to bed, Bose headphones for traveling, so where am I going with this post. Well Nox Audio got us into their booth to show us a couple headphones, the specialist and the admiral. I will start with the Admiral because it was a heavy duty wireless headset, that was a good sounding headset when it worked due to the wireless interference from everything on the show floor. The Specialist on the other hand was a headset you could use for everything, even phone calls. This 70 dollar set of cans had incredible sound, a boom mic that extends and winds up into the one side while a knob on the other side controls the volume. You can use this for you home consoles, iPhone, DS, just about anything that has a headset port.

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