Monday, June 13, 2011

Disney Universe Trailer and Screens | E3 2011

As promised, we'd be back with more individual posts about the unique line-up of games from the Disney camp this year. Three specifically are high up on our radar, but we've saved the next few lines of white-space for the likes of Disney Universe.  Unveiled at E3 2011, this all new property, at first glance, sounds like some sort of casual MMO or something along those lines. But in reality, it feels more like Disney versions of the ever-popular LEGO series of family-friendly titles.  In fact, I believe players will feel right at home in the easily approachable genre, that's also good pull for more mature gamers.  I'm a huge Disney fan, and after playing through with some quick drop-in coop (same screen); with the Disney folks, I immediately added it to my wishlist.  I love when a game comes out o left-field that you just didn't expect, and quickly finds a place atop the (ever growing) list of titles upcoming.

Disney Universe mixes Characters and worlds from various animated and live-action Disney movies, such as The Lion King, Tron, Monsters Inc, and others as you explore their unique themed worlds.  You can collect and be different characters throughout as well and pull from their respective repertoire of special moves and animations, all infused with that trademark Disney fun and life.

Embedded below is the launch trailer of the new series from Disney Interactive Studios.  The title will be available this Fall for Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, and PC/Mac. 

See after the break for more screenshots and artwork

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