Sunday, June 12, 2011

I only got to see two of Sega's E3 lineup

And I must say that I wish I had more time with just the two we got to have our hands on. The first game was Renegade Ops, a top down twin stick shooter. This downloadable title is a four player coop shooter using tanks and buggies to save prisoners and take down bad guys. Though it is a coop, you are still trying to get the high score out of the group along with earning perks to help give you the advantage in the heat of Jackal inspired battle.

Next on our guided tour of Sega was a shrine to all things Sonic and amidst those things were Sonic Generations on the Xbox 360 and for the 3DS. This is not a downloadable title people. This is a full fledged retail versions of a Sonic title that is not a remake or a port. However, it does utilize the levels we all grew fond of over the decades, whether it be the 2D or 3D level designs such as Green Hill Zone that we got to see first hand.

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