Sunday, June 12, 2011

Atari has some tricks up it's sleeve

I decided to crash the Atari booth because I apparently don't know how to use a daily planner. But welcoming as always, I had a guided tour of a couple of their upcoming titles. Though it wasn't what I was hoping from them, I was pleasantly surprised. Before I get into a brief reason why, is was mainly because the titles being shown were not huge releases, but more of a hardcore game for the casual gamer.Why? What did I see?

Okay, since you asked so nicely, the reason being is that the first title I saw, Centipede: Infestation, a title for the Wii and 3DS. It was similar to the original by way of the bugs you encounter, and how the centipede reacts when shot in half and how it speeds up when you only have the head to take out. The game is targeted to children but after a couple levels with it, I am looking forward to the 3DS so i can play on the go.

The other title, a Facebook game, was Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter. This was more of a strategy RPG that is free to play but monetizes from its customers based on micro transactions. You are able to play without purchasing their items, but if you die and do not have a potion to revive yourself, you restart the level losing experience and items received before your demise. You are also able to use friends characters to help you get through dungeons.

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