Sunday, June 12, 2011

Next up is my time with two gems from Codemasters

Possibly one of my favorite publishers for driving titles, Codemasters has not really impressed me in terms of their shooters. Well I bring this up because I got to see and play Bodycount, jealous? You should be because it was fun. The type of fun seen in the less serious shooters, but with the high def graphics, fast action, shredable environments, and a super sweet Sleigh Bells song playing loudly while recovering from hangover, it had me amped!

The other game seen was F1 2011, the F1 racing sim that caught me by surprise last year. From what I saw, the development team took everything that worked the last time and juiced it up on some steroids. The graphics looks much better, the online capabilities are stronger, garage looks like your race team has a higher bugdet, and each car has their own unique steering wheel as opposed to 2010's game.

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