Monday, May 27, 2013

MashButtons gets our mits on Resident Evil: Revelations on the PS3

Resident Evil fans that did not want to get the 3DS only for Revelations can finally rejoice, as it is now available for the PlayStation 3. While it is not in 3D, you can now play Revelations in HD on your big screen with a laundry list of additions over it's handheld counterpart. Said additions consist of a new enemy, difficulty mode, and then raid mode got new weapons, skills, and the ability to play as other iconic characters from the series. This game takes place between RE4 and RE5, uncovering the truth behind the T-Abyss virus all while playing as Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. Time to board the Queen Zenobia and see what Revelations has to offer. 
I really had a fun time with Revelations on the 3DS, but there were a couple items holding it back from full potential, mainly being the small handheld’s controls, small screen, and small stereo speaker. Being more playable on the console has resolved these issues and made for a much more pleasurable experience. The graphics look absolutely amazing and the gameplay, while still a bit slow for my liking adds to the survival element, seeing that eminent death by mutation coming and fighting for my life backed into a corner. Where I particularly enjoyed most was hanging out in Raid mode, as you are able to use BP towards character and weapon customization all while playing coop to survive and level up. 
Something that was frustrating about the gameplay is the scanning of corpses and the scanning of every room feels forced. It comes in handy when you are short on ammo or herbs as you can often times find useful items during use. Being someone that had already played through I was looking to gradually play through with heavy focus on raid mode, but I actually had to do it the other way around, playing through the main story to unlock raid mode’s missions. The plus side to this is that you will earn BP throughout the main story to be used in raid mode to customize and arm your player as you see fit. 
Revelations on the PS3 is the way in which the latest in the Resident Evil series was meant to be played. I played through on the DS and never thought twice about it after completion. Playing on a home entertainment center allows for less strain and longer gameplay and if paired with surround sound, turned up, it really increases the uneasy gameplay that was intended. The core gameplay consisted of always making sure your gun is loaded, have plenty of ammo, go slow around corners, and always be scanning.