Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Warriors: Legend of Troy| Review

Synopsis: Koei has released a new action title, Warriors: Legends of Troy, asking will you fight for love, family, and honor. The publisher behind the numerous Dynasty Warrior entries have released their latest game, with tells the age old story of the Greek and Trojan conflict over the love of Helen. This is a hack and slash like Dynasty Warriors before but this time around comes the slaughter of legions of soldiers on large scale battlegrounds in a new era. Players also get to experience battle from both sides of the legendary battle, while also having the ability to earn in-game currency to increase your heroes’ attributes and moves. Let’s see if this title is an epic hit like the historic events or if it is built up like a myth told over and over through the ages.

Praise: What happens when you mix 300 with Dynasty Warriors? You get Warriors: Legends of Troy, a game that most gamers would immediately perk up to find out more. With the large maps and beautiful cut scenes followed by a historic story, it creates a strong basis for a good game. But what about the gameplay? As you kill your opposition and completed levels, your earn in game credits to put towards raising your attributes and acquiring better attack combos, keeping you coming back for more to see what you can unlock and strategically place them on a limited character grid. Being able to take on many enemies at once is gratifying especially with fury mode with puts you in a sort of bloodlust mode, slicing through any in your way with ease.

Gripes: Same question applies for the last paragraph, as I recall really disliking the 300 video game and never really being a fan of the Dynasty Warrior games. When you start the game, your attack speed is painfully slow, and I found myself holding down the lock on button to make sure I was actually attacking the enemies, because if you don’t and the enemy moves mid combo, you are stuck watching your character swing aimlessly at nothing, so make sure you increase your attributes accordingly. The graphics also looked the same as they did when I demoed at E3, which aren’t bad, but I was hoping this would have been improved on over the nine months that have gone by.

Overall, if you are a fan of the era and legend, you will be entertained, in fact, the more you play the better it gets, however, it is a pity you start so gimped. I did find this to be a lot more engaging than previous Dynasty Warrior titles and the controls are quick to get the hang of, but unfortunately the gameplay, visuals, and story just didn’t seem to be more than average to me, but this time of year seems to be a great time for its release as it is a decent game to play through while you wait for the next triple A title to release. gives Warriors: Legend of Troy a 6 out of 10.

Warriors: Legend of Troy is available now for the PlayStation 3.

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