Friday, March 18, 2011

Zircon's Review of "Y's" Books I and II Chronicles

The Legacy of the Y’s franchise is one that quite simply can be considered to be one that birthed the modern day RPG. Nihon Falcom Corporation which many attribute to be the Grandfather Development house that began the trend towards role playing games started this genre in 1984. Founded in 1981 Falcom as they are known today started churning out PC titles, then they defined themselves with an early RPG known as “Dragon Slayer”. This game exhibited all the RPG elements that we here in America were playing as a paper, pen and a 20 sided dice Game called “Dungeons and Dragons”. These elements of Leveling through experience, Loot collecting, Obtaining new Armor and Magic Spells not to mention the slaying of many a monster was finally played out in a Graphic Video Game Experience. Japanese gamers were quickly consumed by this new questing genre and many, many more copycat titles began to follow. In 1987 Falcom introduced the first game in what was a planned franchise called “Y’s” (Pronounced Ease. Trust me so many gamers still get it wrong). This top down action RPG was originally released for the Sega Master System. And Yes I actually still own that cartridge.

“Y’s” tells the story of a Young Red headed adventurer named “Adol Christin” and later on his longtime companion “Dogi” The term “Y’s” refers to a long lost race of beings whom documented their wisdom in 6 books known as the “books of Y’s”. So “Adol” sets off to save the land of Esteria and recover the ancient books of wisdom.A year later came its Sequel titled appropriately “Y’s” II and the skirmish begins anew with a very similar quest that nearly mirrors the first with some new aspects. The franchise was now gaining a high following in Japan while here in America the quests of “Esteria” seemed to be overlooked in favor of other competing RPG’s. Fast forward to our gaming appetites of today and we now have “Y’s” Seven. Yes “Adol” still continues to be the hero to count on when the monsters come for our lands and Women.

So imagine my excitement when Xseed announced at E-3 Last year that RPG lovers were about to have bestowed upon them “Y’s” Seven , a Remake of “Wanderers of “Y’s” (retitled “”Y’s” Oath of Felghana”) and yes the remakes of “Y’s” Books I and II. Rejoice my fellow RPG’ers Rejoice indeed. “Y’s” Books I and II Chronicles are a graphic reboot of the Classic “Y’s” Originals, the gameplay has remained true but nearly every graphical aspect of these titles has been updated and now looks amazing. The landscapes look very lush and colorful and the townships and the people that inhabit them have been redone to a point where the gameplay feels new and relevant. You start out being washed ashore and saved by a local who brings you to a doctor and his nurse who save you and help introduce you to the perils that have befallen this small little berg. Soon you are off on a quest to find the source of the current monster menace and retrieve the 6 Books of “Y’s”. Once done with this quest you have a calling to save the world again with “Y’s” Book II. Yes, more monsters and more questing await as the weight of this world and its liberation from evil is on your shoulders. Thus is the curse of the True Hero.

Depending on how you play, each game will give you anywhere from 10 to 12 hours of play and you get two games to enjoy, so this package is definitely worth the price of admission. I would recommend that you purchase all three titles as I noticed today that when all the Packages are put together they complete a spinal representation of the “Y’s” Logo. A tip of my hat goes out to Xseed for giving us these fantastic blasts from the past and keeping the world of “Y’s” alive and well. Earlier in this review I mentioned the Granddad of RPGS “Dragon Slayer” well Xseed is not done with us yet as soon we will see “Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky” which is the heir apparent to the “Dragon Slayer” Franchise. So as you can see the goodness continues and I can only hope to be at E-3 this year to see what the future holds for us and the new releases for the aging PSP and its offspring, the NGP (no not the PSP 2 as we thought but the “Next Generation Portable” from Sony).

Xseed, you are rapidly becoming a contender to be at the top of my Christmas card list.

This is Zircon and I have left the build…. Er, rather I have left the blog. Till next time.

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