Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zircon's "Gods Eater Burst" Review

“Gods Eater Burst” has now come to America, land of the free, and home of the “Monster Hunter” franchise. Does this new contender to the throne that monster hunting built have what it takes captivate PSP players here in the states as well as it has in Japan? “Gods Eater Burst” has enjoyed an incredible following in Japan where over 1,000,000 units have sold. The “Burst” version that we here in America have a chance to enjoy is an enhanced version with many more missions and yes a very addictive story that will draw the player into this crazy world and compel them to see just what twist is coming next.

In the game “Gods Eater Burst” the earth of the not too distant future has become plagued by tremendously terrifying beasts known only as the “Aragami” (not to be mistaken for delicately folded paper Unicorns). Humanity’s last and sole hope lies in an elite group of hunters called the “Gods Eaters” who have a natural ability to wield a special weapon called the “God Arc”. This weapon which is roughly the size of a motorcycle has an incredible ability to morph from Bastard Sword size blades to a Rail Gun and then change again to a Predatory gaping Maw in which to devour these beasts once they are down. So you hunt down huge mutant beasts, kill them and then devour them for raw materials. Players will create their own unique hero and battle alongside others in your group against many different types of mutant enemies. Players can hunt with an artificial intelligence controlled party or switch to Ad Hoc and invite up to four other friends to work together to free the world of this increasing menace. While battling, the player will be able to craft unique blades, guns, and bullets to customize your loadout to take down the ever evolving “Aragami”.
The furious battle pace will send players through hundreds of missions, some that are story based and some that are considered free play to add to your money coffers and raw material base. The game will demand quick thinking on the behalf of the player for tactical shifting between your weapon types so as to exploit the weaknesses of the current mission’s mutant threat.

So now on to my personal views of this new action role playing experience that has come to our game hungry PSP’s. Quite frankly, in the beginning I found the overwhelming amount of reading required to understand what has transpired in this world to be very cumbersome, I wanted to get out there and kill me some monsters. But no, I needed to go through some long and drawn out tutorials that I later was thankful for as they explained the extensive use of nearly every button on the console. This now leads me to my only complaint on this otherwise fantastic game...THE CONTROLS!!! “Gods Eater Burst” is an action game that demands the use of two analog sticks, alas my PSP has only one so imagine trying to constantly re-orient myself in a three dimensional space by having to press the upper left bumper button on my PSP, I think I wore it out. These monsters that you fight are very, very agile and your character only runs so fast so during battle they are hopping, flying and running all over the place and then I need to turn around and quickly press my left button to shift the camera only to find the monster has just jumped to a new location. That being said (it is what it is) this game had me coming back for more and more as I wanted to complete yet another mission and another to advance the story.

Running around swinging a sword the size of a “Smart Car” to defeat a monster the size of a City Bus had me hooked, yes hooked, line, and sinker. Then the monsters kept coming and kept getting bigger and badder and even more evolved. The story explains that these mutants have no brains rather each individual cell of these beasts has its own intelligence and they continue to mimic what they devour from organic creatures to even machinery. So much like a freakish Chimera, you will come up against a lion, bird, and fish tailed creature with the face of a human and the ability to launch missiles and use other aspects of machinery. The researchers of this world then fear that it is only a matter of time before they start seeing human forms of these creatures that will eventually infiltrate and replace human kind. Time to kill some monsters! So there you have it my fellow gamers. “Gods Eater Burst” is definitely worth the purchase and only your purchase will keep these games coming. So run to your Game store and pick up this game today.
With that, I am off to immerse myself in yet another PSP Treat to review for you loyal readers.

Till then … Zircon has left the blog. Z-man Out.

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