Monday, December 13, 2010

Breaking Mortal Kombat News Following VGA Premier

Some knew another Mortal Kombat was on the way, some didn't, and some just don't even care. Me? Well I was never a bag fan of any of the releases after the third, so why am I excited for this release? Well after playing at E3 and the reminiscent feeling of dumping handfuls of quarters into the Midway cabinets, I wanted more. Some of the big news that was just announced was that Kratos would be available exclusively for the PS3,and now two different editions are being announced. The first is the Kollector's Edition which includes the game, Sub-Zero and Skorpion figurines, art book, and DLC which includes a costume skin and avatar costumes. The Tournament Edition comes with the game, portable fight stick, DLC, and is limited to 20,000 copies.

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