Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What could SONY possibly be announcing so late tonight? [Update]

At 1:00am EST to be precise?  Will you be up to see all the news?

Technically, as the worlds foremost time-scientists will have you believe, since it's taking place in Tokyo, it's actually tomorrow afternoon.  That's just crazy talk, time-traveling countries, c'mon!

Place your bets here people, I'll bet dollars to donuts, they're re-introducing the SONY WEGA line of tube televisions.  Others seem to think it's something to do with the next PlayStation Portable.  Shhh, like wishing for rainbows in a cave!  Right?

Stop back tomorrow for more news...unless all you care about is some new 3D portable gaming system

This, yes, THIS is what it is:
Hi, I'm the NGP!

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