Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orgarhythm gets me tap, tap, tappin' on the Vita

This time around we have another review for a download only title on the Vita, a rhythm game that goes by the name of Orgarhythm from a publisher well known for importing portable titles, XSEED.   Orgarhythm is considered a Real Time Strategy, but with a twist. As you can gather from the title, rhythm will play a role in the gameplay and this role is to command your dancing troops to battle it out with the bad guys. Aside from being portable on the vita, other features consist of online multiplayer in the form of two player coop play, an original soundtrack, and musicians are encouraged to submit songs in hopes to be selected for use as DLC. Lets take a look to what exactly Orgarhythm is like to tap upon.
I am still not sure where to start with Orgarhythm. I like RTS’ and I like rhythm games, so why is this not feeling like a virtual peanut butter cup. I immediately started playing through the tutorial, then after multiple attempts at the first mission, I started to get the hang of the gameplay, and I was not good at it. While I think it had a cool style, I mean you play as a god of light, dancing across battlefields in what seems to be a dance battles. This is not the Michael Jackson Experience. Though I must say the latter’s soundtrack may be better. Orgarhythm has a mixture of club and tribal beats for you to tap your commands in to the music. Once again, I was far from good at this, at all. After multiple attempts at the early levels, there was some frustration. I don’t know what it was, I tried with headphones, loud volume, without outside distractions, it didn’t matter. I did however notice that I could time my taps with the circles that appeared at the most opportune times and this was actually the best way for me to play. The premise was indeed unique and the animations always made me grin when I would watch my god and followers bust a move.

When all is said and done, Orgarhythm just wasn’t the game for me. In my situation it was a matter of the controls that I just couldn’t not grasp. The lack of controls from the buttons is the heart beat of this dilemma, I along with many out there are all thumbs and on a small screen, its not gods you need to worry about, it is big fingers. What did have me coming back for more humiliation was absolutely everything else. The music was a good fit for the art style and animations. Get some licensed tracks in there and provide some additional controls options and I will definitely be giving Orgarhythm another chance.

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