Saturday, January 25, 2014

The HipShotDot is the go to training tool for FPS fan

Another device found on the CES show floor to enhance gaming experience to shooter fans came to us from AirDrop Gaming and is appropriately named the HipShotDot. This simple device is all about function, by placing a red LED in the middle of your crosshairs for more accurate hip shooting in firefights. Compatible with all gaming consoles and hundreds of first person shooting titles, the tiny light is suction cupped to the TV and a thin cable runs down the middle of the screen to plug into a USB power source. I got to spend some time with it on the floor in a crowded area so now that I am in the comforts of my home, it is time to see if the HipShotDot was a must have or video gaming gimmick.

I have a lot of experience with FPS titles and am a fan of most of them, but one thing I would also say is that I am by no means good at them when it comes to online multiplayer. This does cause frustration at times and practice helps, but this little device helped with my focus and improved my reaction times. There are two suction  cups, one for the center of the screen and the other to anchor the wire to the bottom bezel of the TV to keep the thin wire running vertically down the screen.  The red dot is bright and easy to set up and comes with plenty of wire to plug into your gaming console of choice and the small suction cups make it fast to remove when not playing shooters.

The size of the HipShotDot was great and did not take away from the field of view or cause any frustration while using. The wire running down the center of my screen was a bit distracting at first, but once my focus was on the red dot, I did not even notice the wire. I noticed that my stats were improved now on TV’s unequipped with the HipShotDot as knowing the area to focus on for hip firing and aiming down the sites. This is a great little accessory in which I noticed vast improvement from quickly and is available now for the price of $29.99.

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