Monday, February 10, 2014

Turn your iPhone into an action camera with Optrix's PhotoProX

I have gotten another rugged case but this time the case is for the photographer. Optrix has recently released the PhotoProX, which is a waterproof and drop proof case that includes four interchangeable lenses. To provide a wide range of shots for any location or occasion, Optrix has included macro, telephoto, fisheye and flat lenses for whatever the shot may call for. Literally, with a bevy of mounts available, you can use the PhotoProX case if the time calls to turn the iPhone into an action camera. To make sure that your phone is safe, additional included contents consists of additional O-rings, leash, and a clamshell case for the lenses to prevent scratches. 
Unlike the Outdoor Tech and the Ballistic waterproof cases I have previously reviewed, the Optrix case is by far the easiest to get my phone into and safe from the elements. There is a sled, or low profile case to surround my phone when not in the PhotoProX case and all you have to do is drop the phone into the case, burp it, and lock shut. If you don't burp it the screen does not lie flat against the phone which can be quite a nuisance. When locked in the waterproof case, I still had access to the ports at the bottom, the lenses were fast and easy to swap, it took a handful of shots to see which were capable of what, and now the case and lenses are with me at all times. 
The Optrix PhotoProX does a great job at turning a smartphone into an action camera and comes at a fraction of the price. While in the case, it takes up more pocket space, or you can keep your phone in the sled and the PhotoProX case in nearby laptop bag, but the beautiful shots and videos are worth it. If I could change anything it would be to include lens caps, as I was a bit worried about scratching while in my pocket and I did not want to go lensless as it opened the phone up to dust. Also be aware that this case does not come with any of the mounts, so each of those would need to be purchased separately. The Optrix PhotoProX is available now for owners of the iPhone 5,5S,5C, and fifth gen iPod Touch for the price of $149.95.

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