Monday, August 11, 2014

Roccat releases Military versions of the Kone Pure and Sense

The fine folks known for their German ­engineered PC gaming accessories is back with two new military edition products, the Kone Pure mouse and Sense Camo Charge mouse pad. The Sense mouse pad is a large mouse pad that boasts increased speed and precision using an ultra soft cloth technology. The accompanying mouse, Kona Pure, is a 5000dpi optical mouse that is ergonomically designed to provide both comfort and full command of your favorite games with a unique Camo Charge style. Now that both are placed comfortably on my desktop and Diablo 3 has been updated after a long hiatus, it's time to get to the nitty gritty.
I will start with the Sense mouse pad, as I am one of many that will upgrade my mouse and continue using a mouse pad until it frays. The military edition Sense not only better tracked movement but also provided a massive surface, measuring in at 400x280 mm, so that I never once worried about running out of pad. The smooth surface is made up of an ultra-soft cloth and the design is bright to both showcase the Roccat Kone Pure and use the vibrant colors to optimize optical tracking. Now for my biggest gripe with most mouse pads, the rarely stay in place, but the Sense held it's ground by way of the non slip, diagonal chevron weave in the rubberized base.
Now for the Mack Daddy of the package, the Kone Pure, and for starters, I have to say that I really dig the Camo Charge look as it is an OD Green with a soft texture and the ergonomic fit molds well to my right hand. The mouse teams great with the massive mouse pad and the color customization made available through Roccat's driver allowed me to close match the color scheme of the Sense pad. In terms of the button customization, there are 7 programmable buttons, multiple programmable profiles thanks to the on board Turbo Core processor, and adjustable sensitivity up to 5000 dpi and lift control. Some of the Roccat gaming mice have driver support for Mac gaming, but this Military Edition gaming mouse does not.

The Military Edition Sense and Kone Pure are a great addition to most any PC gaming setup...and work addition thanks to the programmable buttons. The solid build teamed with the Camo Charge color scheme make these a perfect pair for that tactical and military fan, and can potentially even help your chances for first person shooter survival. Sure, maybe that last one was a stretch, but based on the programming of buttons and macros, it definitely couldn't hurt. The Roccat Military Edition Sense mouse pad is available now for $19.99 and the Kone Pure gaming mouse is available now for $69.99.

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