Sunday, November 9, 2014

Domke releases Next Generation lineup, I go hands on with the Metro Messenger

Domke, a trusted brand in providing heady duty and functional satchels, courier, and messenger bags. My messenger, the Ruggedwear Military, is a spacious bag to carry the load. The bag’s design focuses on functionality using a patent pending organizational system to set up as you see fit all while knowing that it’s contents are protected. The main compartment is set up to hold camera and lenses, while the surrounding pockets not only carry a laptop and tablet. Now that I have this heavy-duty canvas messenger bag packed full and survived both my commute and road trip, let’s see how it did.
The bag is built for anything and just about everything you can throw at it or even in it. At one point I had my work computer, MacBook, point and click camera, two water bottles, DSLR, three lenses, chargers, and iPad mini. Sure it was heavy, but great to be able to toss everything needed for a business trip and knowing the camera is on hand with everything needed for editing in one place. The side pockets and two front pockets expand if additional storage is needed, but the zipper on top is what stole my heart. Unzip and I could access my camera and lenses without fiddling with the buckles to open the flap.There were a couple of things I would have liked to have seen added or improve, but not to worry, the list is a short one. My first suggestion that is my biggest complaint while commuting is the lack of a handle on the top of the bag, for the short distances in which the strap would be excessive. The only other item I would suggest is that Domke have provided better/stronger clip to hole the strap to the bag. The clips used are plastic and have come unhooked twice so far in my use.I have review a variety of camera bags from the minimal to the bulky, fashionable to the functional, and this has a bit of everything in place. It is a larger bag but still manageable to carry daily to work and is the best reason I have found to keep my camera on me and never have an excuse to miss a shot. The Metro Messenger is not only available in RuggedWear Military, but also available in RuggedWear Black, Cordura Black, and Cordura Tan. Domke knows bag owners are in for the long haul by providing refinishing wax for bringing your bag back to life after battling the elements.


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