Saturday, December 13, 2014

Silk is next to provide their lineup of protective cases for the iPhone 6

Next in the category of cases for the new and improved iPhone, comes three cases from a company, new to MashButtons, Silk. The cases received are the Vault Slim, the Stealth Armor tough case, and last but not least, the PureView clear case. Each case provides a unique feature and look for the phone appealing to wider range audience. A nice feature that appears on each of the cases is the screen protector and the low profile lip that protects your screen for those times when your phone needs to be placed face down.
 I will begin with the Vault slim wallet case, whose stand out feature is the ability to store up to three cards plus cash. What I preferred with the Vault over the previously revised Q Card Case is the quick access slot that makes it a whole lot easier to retrieve cards from their secure slot. The build also has a raised area, which places tension on the cards in the case so I always had a sense of security that the cards won't fall out whether storing one card or three with cash. The material used in the design of the case uses a soft touch surface to also prevent the emptying of pockets when removed. 
Next up is the Stealth armor case, which is a rugged and slim case for the phone that has removable colors to go with whichever colored iPhone you decided to go with. Silk provided military-grade protection to protect the phone from unfortunate falling incidents. Since it does not have a place for storing cards, the case is much slimmer and results in comfortably fitting in most pockets. While the case looks simple the inner workings are what provide great protection with shock absorbent core using a dual-tred design and elevated 360-degree corners.
Lastly, we have the PureView clear case that is more like a bumper and has a clear plastic window on the back. The window makes this a glass bottom case allowing you to make your own custom flair by way of included template. The PureView provides the same protection used in the Stealth armor case. I liked the ability to change up what you show off on your phones backside, but be sure not to keep anything else in your pockets with the phone as the back she'll gets scratched easily

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