Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bracketron made a charge with no wrong way to plug in

Bracketron has sent me their latest mobile accessory and this time around it is not a mobile mount but a single and dual port USB charger for your car. This is no normal USB charger though; the EZCharge has no wrong way to plug in your charging cable as the ports are designed to allow you to plug in both right-side up OR upside down. The EZCharge plugs into the vehicle’s 12V port and the USB ports were designed for smartphones (1.0A) or tablets (2.0A) and built with aluminum housings. 
Since most cars don’t have a USB adapter built in or the problem with the ones that do, only include a single port, so the first accessory most of us need aside from extra charging cable is a 12V charger to charge on road trips or commuting after a day of multi tasking at work. Luckily this charger is idiot proof, as it seems every time I go to plug in my lightning cable for my phone and or charger, it is upside down on my first attempt. Bracketron has introduced a way to minimize the frustration and it was simple, flawless, and yet still stands out over other charger.

This charger was a great surprise that stands out over the other one directional 12V chargers. It is great how simplistic it is, just simply plug into one day of the various 12V ports your vehicle may have and plug in desired cable. The biggest fight that I experienced during use was who gets to charge while driving and Bracketron kept this in mind for this family road trips by adding the additional port for fast multiple device charging. The EZCharge is available now in one or two ports and all black or black with silver, priced from $14.95 to $24.95.

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