Sunday, October 18, 2015

Turcom unveils their new rugged portable speaker, the Titan

We are at it again with another Bluetooth speaker review and this time around we have a smaller, more portable audio device with Turcom’s TS-455 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This little speaker come equipped with two speakers packing 5 watts of power each and wrapped in and smooth looking Aluminum casing. Along with the sleek design, this speaker is not built to be babied as it is rated at IPX5 standards so it water resistant to boot. In terms of the other technical internal specs, we have a Bluetooth 4.0 chip and 1800 mAh battery to allow 12 hours of playback between charges. Sounds good on paper, so lets see how it performs out of the box. 
For starters, this little speaker looks smooth and aluminum shell is a great complement to the MacBook while being slim enough to fit in my laptop bag without excessive bulk. The battery life is also surprising as most of the compact, or even the larger speakers I have reviewed, do not come with lengthy 12 hours standby. What good is the long battery life if you are like myself and forget to turn off before stowing away, well Turcom thought of this as well by including an auto-sleep function. In terms of the sound, it was not great, but it was not bad either as it was just enough to fill a room with clear sound with good highs but the mid and low range were nothing to write home about. 

Is this a bad thing, not at all when you see how slim and compact the durable aluminum wrapped speaker is. The internals and features are also some of the speaker’s stand out features over other portable wireless speakers in it’s class. The incorporation of the Bluetooth 4.0 chip allows this speaker to sync up with any Bluetooth compatible device such as computer, tablet, or phone. Now for the price tag, Turcom has the speaker priced at $55.99 which is a fitting price for it, but at the time of this review, the speaker was marked down to $37.99, which is great price point for this little beast. 

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