Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Brydge Keyboard turns the iPad mini into a notebook

We have another Bluetooth keyboard for the multiple iPad Mini’s out there. This one is similar to the Zagg Folio Keyboard reviewed previously but rather than snapping into a clamshell that was damn near impossible to keep clean, the iPad Mini slides into two hinges. The Brydge Keyboard also come packing other neat features like aluminum case, Bluetooth connection, function keys specific to the iPad, and the keyboard goes into a sleep status when closed. The sleek metal body matches the design of the apple iPad mini well with the quality of that found in apple-licensed accessories. It took a minute to get the mini into the clamps, so it is time to sync to the keyboard and complete my impressions. 
The Brydge Keyboard has a nice solid feel to it without the added girth of having to put the iPad into a case that is attached to a keyboard. I have always been a fan of turning the tablet into a smaller, more portable keyboard, and this small keyboard does well at accomplishing this. In my week of use, I did not have to recharge the device at all and it appears after looking at the box that the battery life is up to 3 months, this is based on usage types of course. The keys are also backlit, which was not of much use to me but I know of some that prefer this feature. The keys felt natural and had a decent resistance reducing mistyping due to clumsy fingers. Getting the clamp fit just right took a few attempts though, as it is built to house the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations, pinching and resetting was necessary to get a tight fit. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the Brydge Keyboard from it’s solid build and long battery life. I had previously preferred Zagg’s attempt at turning the small tablet into notebook, but this keyboard has since removed it from it’s pedestal. My only complaint came from the clamp design, but did not take long to grow on me. The look of the keyboard also matches the design of the iPad, looking like the two were made for each other while also providing protection to the screen on the go when the hinges are closed. Brydge’s Keyboard is available now in silver, gold, and my preference, space grey; all of which are priced at $129.99.

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