Monday, September 14, 2009

Two new challenge maps included in the Insane Night Map Pack | Batman Arkham Asylum

We've all been wondering, what new tricks Edios and developer Rocksteady have up their sleeves.  We've seen the tantalizing "X days until new free DLC" on the game's menu - but we've not yet known what it is.  Until now.

It's officially been announced today, that on September 17th, the Insane Night Map Pack will be available free from Xbox LIVE and/or PlayStation Store.  The map pack will offer two new Challenge Maps to perfect their FreeFlow Combat skills and continue to test players Invisible Predator prowess.

The "Totally Insane" FreeFlow Combat map players will be tested against scores of escaped lunatics hell bent on Batman's destruction in the asylum's secure records facility.

In the "Nocturnal Hunter" Invisible Predator map, players will have to exercise a wholly different approach, remaining in the shadows, utilizing Arkham's environments and Batman's gadgets to reign victorious over The Joker's army of henchmen below.

This is a great addition to an already great game, if you haven't, check out our review coverage here.

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