Thursday, October 15, 2009

XBLA daring-duo Wednesday | XBLA release

The theme of this week's XBLA releases is teamwork, two is better than one, a bicycle is better than a unicycle.  The pairings of Axel and Pixel and Sam and Max, (could you imagine the ultimate mashup of Axel, Max, Sam and Pixel, the four-some?  Now that's just crazy!)

Anyhow, from 2K Play (2K's newest subsidiary focusing on the smaller "arcade-like" games) comes Axel & Pixel, a point-n-click adventure in the tradition of other point-n-click's.  We haven't checked it out yet ourselves, but we've queued up the demo to check it out.  What we do know is that you control Axel and his dog Pixel through 24 levels as their journey takes them through various environments and game worlds that according to Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K, says "all of these elements combined offer a fresh experience that truly embodies the concept of 'games as art'."  Well-played Christoph, we will have to just check it out ourselves. 

Axel & Pixel is available now for 800 Microsoft Points

Following that, we have Telltale's second season of Sam and Max, the award-winning series, Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space.  This is the first time the season has appeared on any console (debuted on PC), and the season includes all 5 episodes for 1600 Microsoft Points. Available now

Let us know what you think in the comments, we are currently working our way through Sam and Max and should have our impressions up shortly. 

If we may make one request however, is for Telltale to bring over the Strong Bad series to the XBLA platform...oh pretty please!!!

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