Friday, February 26, 2010

MLB 2K10 news for the masses

Baseball season is upon us and Spring Training camps are in full swing (we are located in Phoenix so Spring Training is literally all around us).Yesterday 2k Sports held a conference call with the media (Mashbuttons included) to answer questions about their upcoming title Major League Baseball 2k10. On the call answering questions was producer Ben Bishop and gameplay developers Jonathan Rivera and Sean Bailey. One of the new features in the game is My Player Mode, which allows you to create a player and play throughout the minors in the hopes of getting called up to the big leagues and ultimately be inducted into the Hall of Fame. They also talked about the new swing control which is more about timing to determine the quality of the hit. As usually you can choose between a power or control swing but new this year you have the option for a defensive swing to stay alive in the count. The games release date is next Tuesday, March 2 and soon afterward there will be a full review of the game.

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