Monday, April 23, 2012

MashButtons goes Ballistic in iPhone case review

So every once in a while, there is a press release I receive and while I may form a positive or negative opinion on first glace, I tend to request the product for review to see if it exceeds my expectations. Some do and some don’t, while I must admit, I thought this product would be mediocre at best, since a number of companies are going for the rugged active protection seen in the Otter Box, Optrix, and the GoPro. Ballistic has provided me with the Ballistic HC, for what we can all assume to mean hard core. Because we all need a phone case that meets military guidelines, so we can all rest assured no damage will done when your phone take a couple feet fall out of your pocket onto the hard concrete. To make sure nothing bad happens to your precious, the HC has five freaking layers along with additional corner protection. Mesh over audio openings, a durable protector, and port covers help keep dust and dirt out.
I for one am close to a minimalist when it comes to accessorizing my phone and try to get the most compact case in which I could get for my phone. This also results in not always taking my phone with me because the thought of having to pay 500 dollars to replace it is not a thought I like to have. With this case, though it is bulkier than I prefer, it took about a day for me to get used to the added weight and now I am not sure I will ever remove it. Not because I am unsure I could remove my phone from the case without a toolbox, but because I am sure I can now take my phone anywhere, including with my on my ATV or out bicycling knowing my phone can survive the fall without so much of a scratch. I cannot emphasis how solid this case feels with the phone in it, and that is all without the optional silicone case, with the silicone case, god only knows what it will take to send my phone out of commission
The bad, can anyone guess what my biggest issue was, all together now, the size. With the silicone case it is a monster, but since I am usually at a desk and not in a battlezone or construction site, I bet it is pretty necessary. Without the silicone shell, it isn’t too bad, just heavy and about as thick as my first Moto Droid phone.  Please also note to clean the camera lens before putting together as there is a cover that will trap the dust in between. Lastly, and this may be an issue with my case as a minor defect but the cover for the charger port does not fit right keeping it from closing all the way and sometimes popping open.
All in all, this was the case I didn’t know I needed. Rather than babying the phone and being extra cautious not to let any harm come its way, I now don’t really care where I go or what I do, I will always have it on me. Not sure that is what I needed but I will take it. The case is priced at fifty dollars and in comparison to the similar Otter Box, I like the look and feel a lot more as it is more compact and sports a more “rugged” look. Best of all the polymer case doesn’t have that soft rubber feel that always empties your pocket whenever you reach for your phone.

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