Monday, April 23, 2012

MashButtons goes outside to review the Spark in ear buds

Id America has provided us a pair of their recent ear buds, the Spark, to review and give our very own all ears impressions on these powerful little buds. The reason these bad boys are called Spark is because they were inspired by the design of a spark plug, and following in the legacy of the Gasket iPhone cases, which I must add are really damn cool looking for auto fans.  Aside from being manufactured by lightweight aluminum, the casing is comprised of two layers to ensure a solid build and the internals consist of a high definition acoustic filter to deliver that sound you yearn for. Along with the stylish design and focus on sound quality, there is also an in line micrphone and remote included.
What I loved about these buds first and foremost is that unlike a lot of headphone I have come across, these are loud as hell.  Most headphones I use, I keep the volume at around 80 percent when outdoors on bike rides or at the gym, but with the Sparks, I couldn’t even take it to 70 percent without being too loud. The mids and highs are also the best I have heard at the price range and at such high levels.  Lastly, the inline remote and microphone are a very welcome feature as my go to gym buds were the Bose in ears that do not have a mic or remote, with these, I am able to pause, answer, track forward and back with out having to look at and unlock my phone.
The bad, yes unfortunately there were a couple of thing that had me weighing the good with the bad for this review. For as good as these buds sound when the volume is high, there is little to no bass, which I mean, if I had to choose the volume or bass, I would definitely be picking clarity at high volumes. The other issue would have to be with how they fit in my ears. The ends of the buds that the cable attaches to would press into the back of my ears and with hard edge of the second layer and it got rather uncomfortable after a short amount of time.
All in all, I loved these buds when outdoors biking, hiking, or when at the gym. When it came to listening at home or at work, I just couldn’t do it without constantly taking breaks. The noise isolation and the high volumes are so good that they can have you braving the discomfort, it’s that good for the price point. At $59.99, these had better sound than the majority of the Skullcandy line up and powered headphones I have had to review at twice the price. These buds are available now and come in a sexy assortment of color combination, it would be nice though if you could customize the color combinations and the in line remote had an option for volume up and down.

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