Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mashbuttons takes Scosche’s pink RAILkase to the most rugged environment, behind closed doors

It is iPhone accessory time here at Mashbuttons because this time around we were provided the RAILkase, Scosche’s latest rugged and stylish iPhone case. The RAILkase consists of two pieces, the first being silicone skins and the other, an aluminum band that wraps around the phone and holds the skin tight. Two skins were included in the packaging for your color preference, one black and the other one, white. Now that the case is firmly put together, lets dirty it up.

As I said, I was provided a pretty pink case, so it was only worn over the weekend and not in the office of 100, mostly dudes. However, in that time it did take a beating in the back yard exposed to the sun at temperatures over 100 degrees, knocked off a table, and touched many dirty surfaces. So after I had a manly home improvement day to compensate for the lovely pink case I was toting in my pocket, it held up surprisingly well. I figured the white skin would have picked up a lot more dirt and the dirt that it does pick up brushes off easily. I was most fond of the design, as it makes a narrow when naked phone wider and compliments it with a solid weight and silky smooth feel. 

I did have to wipe the case down often as it picks up just about every thing it is set on. The good thing is that it wipes down easily and disassembles quickly to make cleaning a short process. The bad is that with a silicon case, it can only be stretched to its limit so many times before it starts to tear, and you stretch to get iPhone in and out of it. The biggest issue I had however had to do with the switch above the volume buttons. It moves loosely and is difficult to determine if you phone is set to vibrate or ringer until it is too late.

Despite its cutesy pinkness, I really liked this case. It looks sleek, feels solid, and can still shine with one quick wipe after a clumsy fall. Pink is not the only color the RAILkase comes in, red, black, blue, and silver are also available. All kidding aside about the color, this a great case that is just as tough as the other rugged cases out there but with a more modern and sleek looking design, but remember, cross your fingers it doesn’t fall face first as it does not come with a screen protector.

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