Monday, July 30, 2012

MashButtons tunes out the world with Phiaton’s active noise cancelling earphones.

So I went to check the mail last week and in the box was a package from a company called Phiaton, and in that package was their recent model PS 20 NC in white, which are their noise cancelling ear buds. We have reviewed numerous headphones on this site, but this is the first noise cancelling buds, so I am interested in seeing how they compare to those in which we have reviewed in the past. The PS 20 NC’s are equipped with Noise Blocker, engineered by Phiaton and blocks 95% of outside noise and EverPlay technology that allows listening if and when your AAA battery is depleted.

My biggest issue with earbuds is the difficulty of finding a good set that both stays in your ear but also fits comfortably. With the PS 20 NC’s, they are both comfortable and stayed in my ear for long periods of use. In that use, I greatly liked the noise cancelling, and though it is no Bose Quiet Comfort silence, it is very close, and if you are tuning out people in the office or road noise when listening to tunes by the pool, they work perfectly. The sound quality is great as well, whether the noise cancelling is on or off, they deliver loud and clear highs, good mid range and mediocre bass, but also perform equally great at any volume.

While there is so much to like in this little package, there are some things that make me question why certain production decisions were made. First and foremost is the lack of inline remote and microphone, especially when most people nowadays use their phones as music players and almost all current headphone sport this feature. The only other issue I noticed was the build quality, because all the connections have soft rubber connectors, they look and feel like as if they look can be disconnected at any time with ease. The remote control is both large and heavy, so use when active it provides a less than comfortable experience, I still have yet to find a good place to clip the remote when moving around that doesn’t pull on the earbuds and though it does have a clip, its placement is akward.

All in all, these are good, if not a great pair of noise cancelling earphones. They are not only comparable to models at twice the price, but priced at a level of higher quality competitor’s that do not have noise cancelling capabilities. Phiaton’s nearly silent earphones are available now and if you are like me, and love good sound quality, while also tuning out 95% of outside noise, but don’t have the money to buy headsets like the Bose Quiet Comfort, the PS 20 NC is a perfect fit.

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