Sunday, August 26, 2012

Legasista is the latest PSN RPG from NIS America

Available now, is the latest RPG exclusively playable on the Playstation 3 via download from PSN by the folks that brought us the Disgaea series, NIS America. Legasista is dungeon crawling action RPG, in which the player bust navigate through the trials of the Ivy Tower to convert his sister back to human form, who has currently taken on the role of a crystal. You will form a team of three to navigate through a plethora of randomly generated dungeons, as the fully customizable, down to the weapons antagonist. It’s time to see how this title holds up and if it can hold a torch to some of NIS America’s past niche gems.
I have been reviewing titles from NIS America for a while now, and though they have a lot of titles that can be downright addicting and torturous and won’t let you go, then you get the occasional title that are just hard to get into. That is what has always intrigued me about their new titles and when this one was released, I had to see where it stood in their library. Legasista is a unique title, in which it is bigger than a lot of the other PSN titles out there and priced at an affordable $29.99. The visuals are bright and cartoon like, while the view is from the top down and similar to that of an old Zelda game. However the character customization is where I felt this game really shined. You can change so much about your character to make them unique to your liking, but you can also alter your weapons and assign a personality to your lead character. It is an RPG, so finding loot and then equipping is almost like unwrapping a gift on xmas morning, some are items are duds and others may be equipment you won’t sell or unequip.
After much time with this game, I am still unable to tell if it wants to be a full Playstation title or a downloadable scaled down, “arcade” game.  While there were things I had a great time with like the gameplay and character progression, there were a couple things I would have like to seen included. First off, I think online coop would have been a great fit in this title and would have made dungeon crawling with one or two friends a lot more entertaining. Second, I think it would have been easier to lose myself to this title had it supported cross play. It isn’t too big of a game, but it is a great candidate for cross play between the Vita and the PS3. Had I been able to pick up and play on the Vita where I had left of on the PS3, I think I would have been a lot more into this game.
All in all, Legasista was a lighthearted good time. The character progression and customization was by far my favorite part of this game but the grinding and questing for more loot took a close second. Once again this title is less than a full retail title in price, which makes sticker shock almost non-existent and the gameplay is fun and almost nostalgic feeling. The story is almost cursed with too much dialogue but you are able to speed through and skip if you need to get your dungeon grinding fix. Legasista is available now for the Playstation 3 as a downloadable title on the Playstation Network at $29.99.

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