Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Deep Silver fulfills my evening with screenshots and pre order rewards

I am that easy, it doesn't take much more than a couple screenshots from our bat shit crazy friend at Deep Silver to do it for me. Not any ordinary pictures, but those of sequels to games I hold in the highest regards on the Xbox360. The first tasty morsel pertains to Dead Island Riptide will take place on a boat, er ship, after a series of unfortunatete events along side the original characters plus one. Plan on pre ordering or on the fence about it? well wait no further, because those that pre order will receive on a first come first serve basis extremely limited edition Steelbook.

The other pictures come from from a title in which I felt was way under hyped and felt like the console's Diablo, Sacred 2. After playing I was very because it kind of  disappeared without a nod at past years' E3. Well Pax was where it was announced that Sacred 3 and behold the screen shot. You will still be able to choose between a number of classes, the Safiri Warrior and Ancarian Lancer being the two given, all with their own skill sets.

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