Sunday, September 23, 2012

EDGE.sound is our grab and go of choice

Next on this weekend’s review roundup is a cute little Bluetooth speaker for when you don’t want to wake the neighbors. What is Cubedge, I had to look it up too when I saw the name in the email, but they make audio devices that bear a more simple look. The EDGE.sound is about the size of a brick, measuring in at 150mm wide, 61mm tall and, 55mm deep with a soft to the touch silicon rubber overmold, while the speaker grill sports a stylish aluminum look. Now that no cords are needed, lets see how it holds up.
The Edge.sound is definitely compact, easy on the eyes, and easy to take with you on the go. The small cube design makes it easier to go wherever your Bluetooth enabled phone or computer may take you. I am really a fan of the rubber overmold as it makes easier to grip and go out the door. I like to do a lot of my work by the pool but my built in speakers just don’t cut it, and headphones tune out the rest of the world so the wireless speaker route was the only sensible option. This mighty mini easily fits in most any hand and packs a punch for the size. I have yet to need to turn it up past 50 percent and is loud from just a couple feet away with clear highs and decent mids that go without distortion should you ever need them at full volume.
There is little to nothing I would change about the build and quality, but the battery life stated to last up to 10 hours was a bit of stretch, it was actually around the eigth hour mark when I encounter issues with sound beginning to cut out, but it was a good couple days of use at a couple hours each before needing an overnight charge to get back up and running. Lastly, and my biggest personal issue with this cube-o’-sound are the buttons, it is damn near impossible to tell by feel if your have pressed the button hard enough to turn the volume up or down, but there is an easy fix, leave on full volume after syncing and control via your phone or computer.
Like I said earlier, mighty mini, and there really isn’t a better way to describe it. Despite the lack of bass, which is expected from a speaker of this this size, the mids are good and the highs are great, while still being small enough to carry with you just about everywhere except your pants pocket…that just gets awkward. They don’t have to be your portable speakers, as they look sleek enough to become a welcome addition to any bookshelf and easily filling any room with sound.  Lastly, the price point of 149 dollars still seems a bit steep, but knock 10-15% off and I think it would be a no brainer Bluetooth buy.

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