Sunday, December 9, 2012

KB Covers keeps our keys clean in latest product review

CES is getting closer and consumer electronics reviews are finally slowing down until the aftermath of the show and press conferences. This product review comes to us from KB Covers and they have provided us with three unique covers for multiple applications. We received the djay cover for the MacBook Pro, Photoshop cover for the Apple wireless keyboard, and OS X shortcuts cover for the MacBook Pro. KB Covers is a company whose focus is on you guessed it, keyboard covers, for Apple/Mac desktop and laptop computers. All covers are made with ultra thin high quality silicone and go through stringent QA methods to ensure a tight, non slip fit.  Now that we have both of our keyboards covered, lets see if they are a must have product for the Apple fans out there.
To start, the fit and feel are great. Installing the cover to keyboard is simple, pull from easy open package, lay over keyboard, slide hands over keyboard a couple times and you're all set. I think the hardest part was making sure I correctly requested the right cover for my Mac and keyboard. The fit is snug and does not move at all, while being thin enough to keep a low profile, resulting in less time getting used to the new layer. There was one thing I noticed almost immediately, and that was if I hit the buttons on the corners, it has a bit of an awkward feel. The other issue that I am sure any pet owner would come across, is that animal fur miraculously winds up under my keyboard. Either my pugs are ninjas or the silicone doubles as a magnet. 
By far, the best part of my experience was how the  design of the KB Covers received work in conjunction with a number of software programs. How they do this is by mapping hotkey instructions to on the covers to help quickly identify the command you are looking for on the keys as a very convenient cheatsheet. This was far and away the biggest feature for me, this has got to be a godsend for Photoshop users. The djay cover was great, but this wasn’t as frequently used on my MacBook, I also have have djay on my iPad and with the wireless keyboard and the touchscreen, the cover made great use of both the touch screen and the keyboard controls playing through my home stereo with the volume on loud. The OS X shortcuts keyboard cover was the only one in which I had any issue with the fit. Along the bottom of the cover, it would not lay flat, almost like it was stretched. It still fit over the keys snugly, but after I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it. 


  1. why is this SPAM popping up on my pc?

  2. These are actually pretty awesome - it's a great way to a) Keep your keyboard clean, and b) learn an advanced program like Aperture, Photoshop, etc